PhoenixDAO Signs a Partnership with Luna PR Agency

PhoenixDAO Signs a Partnership with Luna PR Agency

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PhoenixDAO, a community-led decentralized open-source project, announces a strategic partnership with Luna PR, a global Marketing and PR agency, focused on crypto and blockchain projects.

The goal is to create an environment where the community members are hopeful that Phoenix’s ecosystem will win the market confidence. However, for a compelling effect, PhoenixDAO needs a proper promotion through digital media. A well-renowned PR agency can provide the necessary assistance.

“Branding is imperative for any industry. Without a public image, no organization can survive in this competitive market. PhoenixDAO is a community-centric project, which makes it important for our growing community to learn about the benefits and varied features of opting in PHNX tokens,” shared the PhoenixDAO team.

Being a renowned crypto and blockchain Marketing and PR agency, Luna PR leverages its unique experience and expertise to bring partners the most refined, cost-effective marketing and PR distribution services to be found. This partnership provides PhoenixDAO with the advantage of the news and distribution channels, allowing announcements to be distributed more frequently, and to a broader audience.

“We are looking forward to this new strategic alignment with PhoenixDAO and expect to meet the mandate entrusted to us. We will aim to develop a compelling marketing campaign around the brand to level it to newer heights.” shared Nikita Sachdev, CEO of Luna PR.

About Luna PR

Luna PR is a leading Dubai-based PR and business development consultancy supporting the crypto industry in addition to other emerging tech sectors. With a tried-and-tested model that offers essential exposure to partnered technology companies and helps them gain a competitive edge in the market, Luna PR has become a go-to agency for many leading brands, including Huobi, eToro and Paxful.

About Phoenix DAO

PhoenixDAO is a decentralized digital identity-driven ecosystem that enables both the enterprises and institutions to build solutions leveraging PhoenixDAO technology and products. It is a community led project consisting of two main parts, the DAO platform and dApps. At the forefront, the custom built DAO powers the dApp store, which will enable the community to take part in the governance of the project. This entails that token holders will be able to create and vote on proposals for dApps and products that will be built, fueled by the PHNX tokens. The Platform is designed to give everyone a voice where all token holders can be part of the decision making process in a fair manner. Simply put, it’s designed to eliminate large single controlling entities and whale manipulation

PhoenixDAO (PHNX)
PhoenixDAO (PHNX)

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Foundation and Community updates
Foundation and Community updates

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