PhoenixDAO form a strategic partnership with BarterTrade

PhoenixDAO form a strategic partnership with BarterTrade

Hello community!

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership news today!

As two companies both looking to disrupt the Crypto space we found immediate synergies, the team at BarterTrade have been wonderful to work with thus far so we are expecting big things from this relationship.

Partnership Details

  • Exchange listing — PHNX will be listed upon the launch of BarterTrade.
  • Protocol integration — Strategise on the use of PHNX protocols within the BarterTrade platform adding PHNX utility where possible.
  • Marketing initiatives — Work closely to actively promote both PhoenixDAO and the BarterTrade platform, this is to include BarterTrade Battlegrounds.


Who are BarterTrade


Barter Trade is not just another crypto exchange. It is much more. It is a complete ecosystem for traders. Barter Trade is an Easy, Smart, Social and Gamified way to trade crypto currencies. We pride ourselves on becoming the people’s exchange. For us, this means a dedicated focus on 3 pillars: Security, transparency and efficiency.

Barter Trade, an Easy, Smart, Social and Gamified way to trade and spend Crypto. But why?

Easy: Simple, aesthetic UI. First of its kind order types that make trading hassle free (Barter trade Pie). Trading’s never been this easy.

Smart: Automated trading via Barter trade’s algo feature. Set up your technical indicators script on an easy to use interface and let the bot trade for you.

Social: Trade, Learn and Earn alongside your fellow traders. Copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself. No need to follow a paid group leader anymore. Follow people that really trade.

Gamified: Participate in tournaments organised at Barter Trade’s Battlegrounds and get a chance to win big prizes. You would trade anyway, why not trade while playing in a tournament?

BarterTrade Roadmap


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