Hint with a difference! - PhoenixDAO Staking Event in Partnership with Ferrum Network!

Hint with a difference! - PhoenixDAO Staking Event in Partnership with Ferrum Network!

Unifyre announce their latest DeFi staking platform and PHNX is making it’s debut!


Hello Community, 

Thank you for so much support off the back of last week's Ferrum Network partnership announcement, we at PhoenixDAO feel that the community is as excited as we all are. 

We now bring to you an exciting part of our relationship with Ferrum Network - PhoenixDAO is to be the first project utilising the Unifyre staking platform!



As outlined in last week’s announcement we continue working extremely closely with the team at Ferrum Network to form a close alliance and with that bringing huge benefits to both of our projects and communities.

If you follow the PhoenixDAO social channels you may have picked up on some hints around what we’re currently building and this event is in fact a “HINT” with a difference...that’s all we can share at the moment but no doubt this gives you something to think about.



Stake PHNX for the full 3 months and receive 10% rewards (Example - 40% APR) @ full maturity. Early withdrawal available.



Stake PHNX for the full 6 months and receive 15% rewards (Example - 30% APR) @ full maturity. Early withdrawal available.

For a number of reasons we are hyped to bring this event to our community - we believe it will strengthen our relationship with the Ferrum Network community, open opportunities for you all to earn PHNX for being a loyal holder, and at peak, we will see upto 4 million PHNX locked out of circulation, win-win-win.



Full details on the staking event will be shared in the coming days and we will also be sharing details for an AMA event Ferrum Network will be hosting for us so stay tuned. 

As the title states, this is a hint with a difference ;-), more exciting news coming soon!

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*DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. Staking and cryptocurrency investment involves a high degree of risk and there is always the possibility of loss due to the failure of smart contracts.

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