Gods Unchained Top Best 5 Players and their best deck used in the Last Weekend Tournament on January 13 2023

By Forbidden Gods | Forbidden Gods | 18 Jan 2023

Hello Everyone welcome to Forbidden Gods channel

here you will see the top 5 best players decks analysis of the weekend tournament of gods unchained occur on January 13 2023.

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The weekend tournament of gods unchained on January 13 2023 is now over.

Lets now show you the top 5 best players and their best deck they played on last weekend's tournament of gods unchained.

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Number 05

0NURKN??S ID: 49488


Control War


Number 04

??? ID: 327616


Control War 87W/39L 69% Win Rate


Number 03

???? ID: 1261443


Aggro War 143W/69L 67.5% Win Rate


Number 02

DERPO ID: 557654


Control War 105W/32L 76.6% Win Rate


Number 01

??? ID: 366222


Aggro Deception 41W/22L 65.1% win rate



Here My video that explain all the Top Best Players Decks with they cards and the thinking of soem cards i wish you all best for the preparation of the next Weekend Tournament Your Dear Host GBlade514 From twitch thanks you all again.


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Forbidden Gods
Forbidden Gods

I will talk all about Top best players of Gods Unchained and their best decks they used

Forbidden Gods
Forbidden Gods

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