For The Birds. 1 Acre saved.

By Farfalle | For The Birds | 25 Apr 2021


For those following the project. 100 GPB has been donated this evening to the World Land Trust to save an acre of land. 

Project Update:

We are pausing sales. It is obvious we are offering a product that no one wants. While our giveaway was claimed in just hours, no one was willing to spend or donate 1$ for a bird NFT. We promoted the project here, on torum, telegram, reddit, and discord. While there were handfuls of likes and new followers, that didn't translate to any sales.

It's a little confusing. Anyone can see what people are buying on atomic hub. Obviously we could not compete with capcom and topps, however, many people are willing to spend a dollar on images with little effort, no originality or copyright-ability, and no scarcity. 

If you feel like buying a charity NFT check this out instead, it features dogs and they're doing well. We're not affiliated with that project, but happy that they're succeeding.

While we had more content planned for this week, a card contest, an auction, and another giveaway, we'll instead used our resources to donate directly to the WLT. 

A few things we're happy about:

  • We introduced a number of people to the WAX blockchain and atomic hub. Loosening Ethereum's monopoly on NFT art sales. 150 unique accounts claimed the house finch card and will hopefully continue to participate in other projects.
  • 25 illustrations of birds were completed. We like the art, and plan to continue adding species to our pixel library.
  • The future is open. Since no NFTs were actually minted beyond the giveaway, we are ethically free to reconfigure the project into something more interesting to the community. Or move to a more interested community.
  • We learned a lot. We're now familiar with many dApps on the wax blockchain and we value that knowledge.

What would you like to have seen?

Besides more free stuff, we'd like to know. Of course we're disappointed in this outcome. We're curious too. We welcome any thoughts you had about the project.

Would you have preferred mystery packs? Do you only buy NFTs that you can stake? Did you think we were scammers? Do you actually hate pixel art?

Until next time,

May all your crypto bare fruit

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For The Birds
For The Birds

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