Snow Lullaby Made Me Wake Up - The Beauty of the Moment

By Vytas | For Fun | 29 Dec 2020

I felt a cold gently touch on my right cheek. I reached out with my hand and felt a little wet spot. It was a snowflake! Looking around and noticed tiny lumps of watery wool slowly descending on cars, frozen grass and hats of some pedestrians.

The white dance started to change everyone's mood. Even the lonely walkers had smiles on their faces and lights in their eyes. It was the snow that was cheering them on.

I was one of them. As soon as I noticed the snowflakes, I slowed my steps down and decided to enjoy the moment. It hadn’t been snowing for a couple of years.

Everyone who was walking on the streets started to be lulled into peaceful awe. The environment of slowly falling snow around us didn’t allow us to rush anywhere. No one wanted to contradict what they were experiencing.

As I felt the peace I started to reflect on the past year. Why wasn’t I slowing down more often? I’m sure the beauty around me was all along. I only didn’t allow it to surprise me by being focused on other goals.

It happens all the time. I’m constantly on a mission to take, to change and accomplish something. My thoughts about the future are dominating the present.

We forget to live. We fail to experience the moment as it is. It’s not the moment that isn’t spectacular, it’s my focus that gets distracted. I miss a little sparrow singing its lungs out trying to get my attention. I pass by an old tree slowly waving its branches in the wind.

There are so much beauty and joy at the moment we are in. Every time I slow down I see the miracles happening around me. It makes me deeply grateful.

Like Albert Einstein said,

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

I stopped and looked up at the snow gently falling in the yellow city light. I breathed in the deep fresh evening air. Strange… It felt like it was the first one this year.

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