On the Edge of Accessing Greatness

By Vytas | For Fun | 28 Oct 2020

It’s undeniable. It’s not an illusion. A sense of overwhelming breakthrough that’s within hands reach.

The heartbeat of excitement is rushing through. It feels like adrenaline but only on a mental level. Like a split-second moment before something you’ve waited for years will soon drop in your hands. A feeling of finding the right key for the room that has never been opened before.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling?

We are ever-growing in our understanding and the knowledge of the world. It doesn’t end by childhood. It only changes a form and it’s not as exciting as it was back then when everything around us seemed infinitely mysterious and magical.

We are not satisfied with knowing everything. Many love exploring a new place for the sake of the unplanned.

When our paradigm gets a shock of being challenged, it allows us to inhale a breath of fresh air into our lungs that missed the thrilling unknown.

That’s my opinion of what it is: a sign of an expanding world-view and understand that not everything is yet explained. At the same time, new questions can only appear in the presence of the long-awaited answers.

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For Fun
For Fun

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