What Should We Expect From Ziyech at Chelsea Next Season?

It is no longer news that Chelsea has complete the signing of Ziyech from Ajax even before this whole coronavirus pandemic took over, and now that the Netherlands league was cancelled, Ziyech is now technically a Chelsea player. However, due to the transfer policy, he can’t join Chelsea yet until the next transfer window opens for next season.
So far so good, it has been really fun discussing what we should expect from certain top players in Europe’s top 5 leagues. In my previous post, we talked about Marcus Rashford and what we expect from him next season. In this post, we still place our focus on the premier league and we will be looking at recent Chelsea signing Ziyech and what we should expect from him next season…

When it comes to players that doesn’t need any introduction, Ziyech is definitely one of them as he isn’t only the best player in the Eredivise but also one of the exciting players in Europe for the past few seasons now. His amazing qualities on the ball that earned him the name the wizard of Amsterdam speaks for itself. So it is already clear that he will be bringing a lot of qualities that will definitely improve this Chelsea team next season. Ziyech’s signing has raised a lot of talking points and the Chelsea fans are beginning to imagine what they should expect from a player with so much qualities since Hazard signed for the club years ago…

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For me, there isn’t anything much to say when it comes to what Ziyech can do on the pitch. We have seen what he can do in his Ajax years and the qualities he possess, so the question should rather be how fast he can adapt to the premier league rather than what we should expect from him because we all know that he will be an instant hit once he settles at the club. Chelsea has missed that Xfactor since Hazard left the club to Real Madrid, a player who can singlehandedly change the game and also influence the game all by himself. With the qualities Ziyech possesses, there is no doubt that we should expect a player that will massively transform this Chelsea side to a side that will be dangerous to play against. SO that said, I’m expecting Ziyech to become one of the best players in not only Chelsea, but the premier league in general next season.

What are you expecting from Ziyech at Chelsea next season?

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