BTC @ 100k ?

BTC at 100k$ ? Impossible !!

Impossible ... or possible ?

When we look back in time, we see that every halving has generated a bitcoin rally. But this time there is much more than that to suggest a new bull run. The regulation which was once a threat for bitcoin, and wich still is, is becoming weaker and weaker. The US SEC itself has approved bitcoins ETF ! And as a consequence, the largest US companies have entered the party : Blackrock the largest asset manager has more than 250k BTC for its ETF. But also Microstrategy, Galaxy, Tesla, … own bitcoins. And I don’t see those companies gambling at all (except Tesla maybe ;-)). They have assessed the risk and have decided to invest. Whales are also accumulating BTC. Signs are there. And, ETH ETF are to come …

So for me the question is not "will BTC hits 100k$ ?", but "when will BTC hits 100k$ ?". And for me its for this cycle.

Even if the gap between previous ATH and next ATH reduces from cycle to cycle (last cycle went from 20k$ to 60k$), we can reasonably think that, this cyle ATH will be twice the previous ATH. Wich means a new ATH at 120k$. And if we want to be conservative, let’s say 100k$ for the next ATH.

So 100k$ for this cycle seems very likely to me. Possible then !

But when ? That is more difficult. I would guess (and hope) before the end of 2024… but its a guess.

Let me know what you think. Is 100k possible ? If yes, when ?

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