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By NikScla | FOMO5K | 11 May 2020

RollerCoin is an online crypto mining game where you play and compete with your friends to build your mining empire.   Earn Bitcoins While Playing MINI GAMES:   What is Rollercoin? RollerCoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game. The core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power - just like with real Bitcoin mining.   WHAT IS THE MINING POWER? The mining power is the amount of Th/s you have. You can grow it by playing games, completing tasks, or purchasing stationery miners that will provide a stable increase in your mining power.   HOW LONG UNTIL THE NEXT BLOCK IS MINED? The default block mining time is 5 minutes. However, as with real Bitcoin mining, the time will decrease or increase depending on the pool power. After a while it will be reset to 5 minutes again   HOW MUCH CAN I EARN? There is a stable block reward, which could be changed each 1000 blocks, depending on the power, activity and number of miners. The more power and effort you give - the more BTC you get.   HOW MANY SATOSHI CAN I GET FROM A MINED BLOCK? Your share of the mined block depends on your mining power. Mining power is measured in GigaHash per second (Gh/s). Your mining power in relation to the pool power (the cumulative power of all users) defines which share of a mined block you will get.    

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