~ Logic is not prevailing ~


A poem about alternate thinking ...


Is it me waking or the moon sleeping? 

I get up, but it’s not me getting up but the earth falling. 

I walk, but it just seems like it is the ground moving. 

I shower, but it's not me washing only the water wetting me. 


I sit, yet I imagine the earth rising to meet me. 

I open the door. But I don’t go out but, the world seems to come in. 

Am I running, or is the world rapidly moving backwards? 

It appears, as I sit in my car, it is the car following me, but not me driving. 


When I love it's not me loving, but hate departing. 

When I talk it's not me talking but, my lips kissing me. 

When I'm smiling it's not me smiling but, sadness resting. 

I am not listening to music playing, but it is my ears making love to me. 

My political views, agrees with its opposition. 

Logic is not prevailing; such is my alternative way of thinking. 


By FMyouarereasonable 


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