Gestalt Sight Ignite

By space6irl | Flowetry | 20 Feb 2022

Gestalt sight ignite 

as all pieces unify

An unequivocal goal to maintain frame full 

in benevolent swirled mage. 

Daunting wand haunts flaunting hunters-

taunting song- kneading thunder

when they dreaming slumber cumber.

First forge a formula 

for freeing the formerly stuck. 

Encourage to flourish

the ascended aspects 

combined in time with compassion

& childlike enthusiasm

Blast 'em with open Sight.

Patch them with golden Light.

Smite corruption & lies.

Elucidate truest waves

Fly high

I soar as a singular soul.

Eyes aimed where awareness slay

paired with an interminable stay.

This page chase the moon's sway way. 

Winged wolf hoofs lycanthropy 

handed me books.

Shook my nook,

till I noticed to look at the potion I took. 


Slams book.

Stars swirl cosmic scripter hurls.

Drifter pearls curl into cascades of envelopes 

on a boat 

devoted to flow lit

so that they open in tinted tints

tense with immense anticipation

of some haven that be waiting. 



Photo of me, taken by Cantera Image

This poem is from my little notebook where I was trying to do a page per day, to get into the habit of writing. I try to not let myself pause or put down the pen. 

My original post is on my Instagram, where I post my art periodically. 
(these excerpts were from 2015)

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