Help me to identify the Plant 03

By Chadayan | Flowers | 22 Sep 2020

Can you help me to find the details of this plant?


What kind of plant is this?

I would like to know

  • Common names in English
  • Scientific name/species
  • Family name
  • If you know the name in any other languages
  • Where can we find this?


I am planning to collect all the names and details of my photographs throughout the past years. I have not kept the record for photographs so I need your help ;)

If you happen to know the details of them then please add a comment.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

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:) I write but who reads?


I need to find out my flowers. If you can help me to find out the - common name in English - the scientific name - if you can give the name is other languages i will be greatful.

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