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By borkerson | FLOSTATION | 17 Sep 2021

This [somewhat incomplete, single site focused] post is about NANO, a cryptocurrency with surprisingly fast transaction speed and NO transaction fees.

So far, my best experience with earning free NANO has been with the website playnano. There are a few ways to get NANO using the site, and each is linked to from the tabs at the top of the menu screen. Under Earn, the first choice is "Tasks and Surveys." After clicking on this link, you're given a menu with 8 choices of survey companies. I've tried each, and my best results -- both with qualifications and earnings -- have been with Pollfish. If you've tried Cointiply, you'll be familiar with this type of survey, though, unlike Cointiply's iteration of Pollfish, you will not get kicked out or banned if your entries are disqualified after an arbitrary amount of attempts. In fact, nearly every time you sign in to your PlayNano account, you'll probably have to re-enter your Pollfish profile info (which is slightly tedious, but not excessive). Pollfish provides another menu in the sidebar listing surveys with reward point totals and approximate time it'll take to complete each survey. My most frequent qualifications and payouts have been with the most popular surveys (signified by a flame symbol) and those listed by "Peanut Labs" and "Sayso Rewards".

  The next choice is "Watch and Learn", where you can watch educational videos about NANO. Some of the pages have popup ads, unfortunately, though their placement is unpredictable. The length of time it takes to watch all the videos is longer than the stated 2 minutes, but as long as you view the page until the meter at the bottom fills up, you'll be able to move on to the next page, and then to collect some fraction of NANO.  I have not tried because you need to sign up for a Hideout account in order to use their services and earn NANO.

   The faucet list is okay, but if you've already read the links below, you're probably already familiar with each one shown.

    I have not tried the affiliate program.

    I've also not tried the game "Jumper" under the Play tab.

   I have played Roulette, found under the Bet tab. While playing, your minimum bet is 0.0001 NANO. Other than that, gameplay is pretty self-explanatory. One odd, but nice feature is that you can choose between 1 min or 3 min rounds.

   And...joining the "I have not tried this" list...NanoSquares! Looks kinda weird though! Especially because it features a chat in the left sidebar.

   Users can buy gift cards and video game downloads with their NANO, but my plan is to save it up in my Exodus wallet and then trade for something else, possibly one of the interest earning coins ALGO, ATOM, TEZOS, or ADA.

If you'd like to learn more about NANO, Investor Republic has a good article here, and Creech has an informative one here.

There are also tons of links to information, faucet sites, services, and a lot more regarding NANO here.

And, at Earn-Nano, there's a bunch of games where you can earn NANO for playing, plus more faucets (mostly repeats of ones in the nanolinks list).

Finally, check out the following 2 articles from user kamikimms for more in-depth reviews/descriptions of wenano and another faucet:


PS: The site has a built-in wallet you get when you sign up for your account, where your NANO is collected as you earn and receive it. You can send NANO to it from an external wallet (to play roulette, for example), and send your accumulated NANO to an external wallet from your playnano wallet.



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