Practically a Terra/LUNA Masterclass

By flexbronson | FlexBronson | 18 Jan 2022

YouTube And Podcasts That Focus On Terra


I like to maximize my learning time. Two great ways to do that is subscribing to podcasts and YouTube channels. Ever since I have gotten in to crypto, these have been excellent resources to dive deeper.



Ever since I got into the Terra ecosystem, I found 3 great resources that focus specifically on Terra. They not only talk about the protocols, they interview founders and developers. Here are the 3 that keep me informed.


Terra Spaces

Terra Spaces is a great resource. They upload recorded Twitter Spaces and Discord AMAs and workshops.

I like to listen to these on Spotify, real time saver and great way to stay informed.

Access their blog with links to their podcast recordings. Just click on the show that you want to listen to and click on more to access the platform of choice. Such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.


Terra Spaces on Twitter:




Terra Bites

They were the OGs to me, well, at least rhe first that were putting out Terra specific content.

Terra Bites on Twitter:




Danku R

He does a great job of diving deep in to protocols and strategies on his YouTube channel.


I also dig a comprehensive Medium Article he posted a few months ago,

A Farmer’s love story featuring Terra Luna | Full DeFi Guide. A must read if you want to take a dive in to Terra Defi opportunities.


Danku R on YouTube:


Danku R on Twitter:



Danku R’s Site:


A Farmer’s love story featuring Terra Luna | Full DeFi Guide:



If you know of any other audio and video resources for the Terra Ecosystem, please drop them in the comments.


LUNAtic out!

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