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snip of anatomy of a a candle

Anatomy of a Candle

By flarnrules | Flarnchain | 22 Jul 2021

This week on Flarnchain, I spent far too much time drawing this picture:


Took me too long to make

Annotated trading view of Bitcoin.

I hope to do a better job next time, be less visually noisy.


Anyways, after spending so much time creating the above drawing, I really didn't have much time to actually write much, because my mind was mentally exhausted. I had a lot of interesting thoughts about last week in crypto.


For example, I wanted to talk a bit about Axie Infinity, I wanted to mention that there's a new token on Coinbase earn (Clover) where you can earn $3 worth of tokens, I wanted to discuss the breif BTC drop below $30k and immediate recovery above $30k... which I think was a show of strength. I wanted to talk about the Osmosis Lab, and how 500% staking rewards is a phenomenal opportunity, but also comes with very high risk.


I'm going to dump my drawings from this week here, and hope that Flarnchain #25 is more successfully structured and implemented.


love potion, from axie infinitymarket sentiment

Flarnchain Technology Stack

Here we see:

1 the Smooth Love Potion (Axie Infinity Token, no clue what it does)

2: Current market sentiment. Are we headed back into bull territory? Or still a crab market?

3: The Flarnchain Technology stack. Green means easy, red means hard.


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