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You can't pay people enough anymore to do mediocre work. It's true especially for people who grew up with a creative mind. 

The only way someone can continue a job that they hate is if they believe that they are stuck because they can't find anything that pays good enough to leave.

No one is stuck. There are so many jobs out there right now. but beyond working for someone else, there's a need for a new level of creativity to engage with the marketplace today. these old hourly wage hunters are a dying breed. people are searching for opportunities that will allow them to live the life they want and not have to spend all week 9-5 at a cubicle. 

I can't imagine how anyone would end up in a cubicle unless they thought that was going to get them somewhere else. Did people really just settle for mediocrity? I can't believe this is true. 

It's more like they were taught mediocrity, by their parents, who were taught the same by their parents, who learned from the great depression, which was manufactured by the FED, that scarcity is real. They learned that you should be afraid of the exact people who said if they were in control of the money supply, it would mitigate volatility in the dollar market. TOTAL BULLSHIT. they just wanted to have control over the "faucet of fear" and they're willing to tell whatever lies that would make the public trust them. Then they used the entire population of Earth to fund their wars against said population. I know it seems like different countries fighting over something important, but no. These wars were 100% started by the "1%" with fabricated propaganda, to keep the general population from discovering their criminality.

The real criminals are evil sociopaths who don't care about anyone but themselves. Heartless cowards that couldn't engage with the public like normal humans, so they had to build a perpetual avenue of lies to keep themselves aloft. Rothschilds were specifically ordained. but i digress.


When people start to realized the magnitude of the conspiracy to keep them mentally enslaved in selling their existence for money, the house of cards is going to fall. As much as i'd like to say we'll all enjoy watching it fall, it's going to take with it some conveniences that some think are necessity. it's going to be devastating for people who have built their lives on "climbing the ladder." it's going to destroy this perceived notion: "if you work long and hard enough, one day you'll get what you always dreamed of. It's the biggest wad of bullshit anyone ever came up with.


The only thing that exists is right now. the past is gone and the future hasn't come to pass... this moment is all that exists. you do not have time. you only have now. So if you're interested in building a meaningful life, you would do good to focus all of your attention and energy into the moment at hand. If everyone would do the same, humanity would unite in this moment. WHEN that happens, there's nothing that can stand in our way.

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indiscreet pete
indiscreet pete

I'm great at describing anything but myself. :)

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