What does it take to be Top 1% Financially?

What does it take to be Top 1% Financially?


We are often told by the media that the Top 1% of the wealthy have this and that and we don't.Lavish-lifestyle

Have you wondered what it takes from a financial standpoint to be considered Top 1%?

Here is a breakdown by Top performing country globally.


For those of us in the USA we need $5.8M to make the Top 1%. Did you make the cut? 

Do you want to make the cut off on making enough?


And is that enough money?

Did you know there is another Top Financial Tier? That tier is known as Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI )or  AKA Uber-rich!

There are currently roughly 630K people around the globe at this level.  This tier grew 4.2% just last year! So, the story the media fails to cover since the global lockdowns the Top 1% & the Top 0.1% wealth grew faster than all other tiers!  And the UHNWI are expected to surge another 28% by 2028... 4 short years from now.


I assume since you are here you since you are into Crypto. 

So, I assume you have at least 0.25% of 1 BTC and lots of other money in Alt coins and some stable coins too. (This is not financial advice as I am not licensed in anything other than to drive my vehicle.)  Nothing wrong w/ having a goal of owning an entire BTC or more if you are able. The major push there is the laws of supply and demand. Recall BTC has a finite quantity (21M) vs the FIAT kings of the globe.  Don't overlook that fact that roughly 3-4M BTC have been lost (think about the guy in the United Kingdom soliciting to pay to search for his lost disk drive).



The chasm of wealth is growing wider and at a quicker rate. Are you keeping up to remain in your current income bracket? With Inflation raging I imagine no as wages are not rising like real inflation numbers


Credits - Business Insider for 2 outstanding articles showing what it takes and how fast the Top 1 % & Top 0.1% wealth is growing. As well as the yacht pic.

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Keith Thuerk

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