Should you buy LTC?

Should you invest in Litecoin?

By Stryder TRX | FinanceTRX | 15 Aug 2021

Lately I've been hearing things like how I should invest im XRP or some other crypto because its going to skyrocket in the future. But I'm sticking to the cryptocurrencies I know.

Litecoin (LTC) I know very well, since the start of it. But the price has been hanging low for a very long time and thats going to change. Personally i feel its undervauled and many may disagree but i'm about to tell you why LTC is a great buy at this moment.

Here are some of many reasons to invest in LTC

  • Litecoin has been around a very long time
  • The new technology implemented will help LTC transactions making them cheaper and faster to send then other cryptocurrencies.
  • At this point litecoin is at the point btc was before it skyrocketed making many people very rich.
  • LTC is your closest chance to making a high profit margin of profit at this pointΒ 
  • Its more known and stable then other cryptocurrencies

I'm sure many will disagree and tell me another crypto is better. But the pattern LTC is following is very similar to BTC but has held a lower price for a longer period of time.

But it's now the time people are starting to move away from physical currencies and starting to use digital once physical currencies are no more expect digital currencies to explode in price. And ones like LTC that are more known and established will be worth alot more.

What crypto do you think will skyrocket? Let me know in the comments below.Β 

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Stryder TRX

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