Charon sketch

By Hanzell | Charcoal and ink | 18 Feb 2021

I've not been around for a while now because I was busy with work and because I just couldn't think of what to draw or write about. 

I had originally thought of using ink to make something but it seemed like ink didn't want to cooperate with me so it didn't come out that well. But then I started scrolling through the contents of my gallery and found an old sketch that I was rather fond of. It's a charcoal sketch of Charon taking someone to the underworld and my sketch of it was rather timely because it coincided with a sad day for me. 

It was actually inspired by this prompt a friend of mine wrote 


The original post is here:

Anyways, the poem itself was beautiful and I had a really vivid image of how I wanted to draw it. I didn't even bother asking for permission when I made it because it was very inspiring and I knew I had to get to work on it right away. 


The first draft was basically just graphite and as for why I didn't just use graphite... well It's because I don't like the shine it has on paper for some reason plus my hands are too light that even if I change pencils, it just wouldn't have that much depth to me as charcoal would. And charcoal seemed very fitting for the theme of the poem too. 

after some 45 minutes


I'm pretty used to doing quick sketches since I had someone teach me while growing up. Anyways, when I work with charcoal, I usually go from the darkest color to the lightest then I would finish up with whatever detail would be needed when I put down the lightest shade of charcoal stick I had. 

after 1.3 hours maybe?


I was basically halfway done here although it did lack elements from the poem like the gates of hell and the Cerberus. But they weren't what I was highlighting here. What I wanted to highlight was Charon. Charon, who seemed somber and seemed to be at peace with the workings of fate.



This is the finished output. I'm still convinced that the water needs more details and maybe a soul or two but then, the disturbing peace and stillness somehow make it already look complete to me so I didn't want to bother adding more to it because it might just ruin the image it already has. 

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Charcoal and ink
Charcoal and ink

Just an artist wannabe that's looking for another platform to dump my artworks in. I mostly work with charcoal and ink because those are the most available to me. But I also use pastels, watercolors, and graphite, it's just that charcoal has a different appeal to me

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