Ursula von der Leyen and the EU coup

By TheQuieterOne | Final hour | 3 May 2021

Guten abend!  

Politico provides a good example here of the ways the media generally try to discourage people from pointing out the obvious when it comes to elite meetings of minds, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos. That profile of Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission, such meetings are "little more than glorified cocktail parties," the author claims.  

I've never yet been to a cocktail party that can put together a website with a comprehensive plan for the future of humanity, such as this one for the WEF's Great Reset plan. Have you?  

Look at this:  https://www.purposedisruptors.org/  

A bunch of advertising folks pushing the agenda to "maintain the positive environmental behaviours developed during lock down and embed these in society.  As an industry we need to ‘reset ourselves’, ‘reset our work’ and ‘reset our impact’."  

Ugh. Do you get it? You probably think they're talking about flying, but no. They also mean social distancing. Digitisation. Staying home. Obeying idiotic governmental decrees. All of it. It's a fascist attempt to alter our culture put together by a PR agency.  In truth, these behaviours will have little effect on the climate issue, let alone all the other ecological issues we're facing. Check out the commentary from the NOAA on 2021's results. Now consider that the economy is about to ramp up again. This is the classic corporate attempt to make people assume it is their behaviours that matter, not those of big business, which has no interest whatsoever in slowing down its destruction of the living planet. 


The climate crisis won't be solved by this plan, let alone all the other aspects of out multi-faceted ecological crisis. I've actually already explained why in the Earth Day podcast/commentary and I'll have more to say about that in due course.     

If it's not the wealthy and powerful making decisions, then who? You? Me? And do you even know the names of these people? Did you even know who Ursula von der Leyen was before I told you? Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, is so notoriously secretive that a full profile of his personal history wasn't available until this one was published a couple of months ago. (Preview: he's a fascist from a family of fascist sympathisers.)   Of course these people meet, and make plans, and they do so in secretive ways. Did the website just pop up out of nowhere, a 3AM afterthought from one of the attendees in Davos? Get real.   

Also, when was the last time a cocktail party organiser signed a deal with the UN?  


How can you look at that and not wonder: what the fuck is going on at our international institutions? And who are these people? And who's making these decisions? We've gone beyond public control here, that should be perfectly obvious. The public has zero influence over the WEF. Zero. None.


I could go on to list all the elements of the Great Reset that are now coming to fruition. I could direct your attention to all the various players who attend the meetings and whose actions in the past year or two perfectly reflect this clearly very heavily -discussed plan. I mean, again, LOOK AT THE WEBSITE. Just look at it! They've been working on these ideas for a very long time. How stupid do Politico et. al. think we are?     

Admittedly, putting it all out there is not particularly secretive. They don't have to be when publications like Politico and the rest of the media will bend over backwards to make sure you don't start to wonder. why none of the things that happen in this world seem to reflect the will of the public at large and don't the wealthy want to stay that wealthy forever anyway and what might they want to do to make that happen?  

They do, of course, make plans at meetings. I suppose many of these meetings take place in private spaces that we plebs never get a glimpse of. But the WEF announced its ideas and its members are now actively pursuing these various goals in the spheres through which they operate. Clearly, they agree with the ideas of the Great Reset, or they wouldn't be a part of the forum. And if they agree with those ideas, wouldn't they take steps to make them a reality if they could? Again, of course they would. This is just ideology. How is it different to party politics? In one way only: there's absolutely no pretence here of democratic functioning.   

And all this explains much of what is happening. Von der Leyen, who, lest we forget, came to power in the European Commission is what was essentially a coup. Some MEPs expressed disgust at the backroom deal that led to the appointment of someone who wasn't even in the running for the job. She is clearly trying to wield influence through the mechanisms of the EU in order to push through a bunch of programs that she believes in. You can simply check them off on the WEF website:  


Biosecurity - check

Digitisation -  check

Renewable energy - check

Digital farming - check

Fake food - check

Work from home - check

Social distancing - check

Vaccinations for all, every day preferably, forever - check 

Cattle management ("digital identities") - check  


Honestly, how deep in the sand do you have to bury your head in order to avoid all this? They're literally waving it in your face. Matt Hancock talks openly about giving people the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. WEF ideologues are everywhere you look, darkening the peaks of all of our public institutions.     


So, here we are. It looks to me like the dismantling of the EU is now a necessity. Ursula vdL was elevated to power in a backroom deal that caused fury among members of the European Parliament and that move extended the power of a small group of people with some very specific plans. The results speak for themselves.

Vaccine passports, perhaps the single most serious attack on human freedom that has happened in my lifetime, are being pushed out. These things are, of course, coercive - it's continent-wide coercion to take part in a medical experiment - and are therefore, surely, a breach of the Nuremberg code. This no longer seems to matter. The European Commission, led by a couple of Germans strongly influenced by a man from a family of Nazi sympathisers, is destroying the rights to health protection that were established in the wake of WWII. 

Bill Gates rolled into town to help Big Ag plug its GM crops and digital farming. Look out for more mentions of "precision farming." The EC decided to drop GM safety checks.  

Attacks on farming are live. An attempt will be made to centralise agriculture as far as possible under the control of major agricultural coproations and with digital/data at the centre of the new scheme. Claims to be able to use digitisation to ramp up productivity are, of course, entirely unsubstantiated. The push to digitise will be accompanied by more attacks on the actual, viable, necessary alternative, which is non-industrial, small-scale regenerative farming.

If you want a bit of an idea what's to come on this front, enjoy this reminder of the hysterial bullshit pumped out by the Big Ag lobbyists to promote the first wave of GMOs...   


...and chuckle at the complete failure of their technology and the emptiness of their claims.


The drive to a zero-carbon continent will mean massive investments in renewables and they are just another kind of environmental disaster. They will not lead to a significant cut in carbon emissions themselves. Digitisation, another big, exciting project loved by the WEF's membership, will drive up energy usage significantly. How will we get to zero carbon, then? Well, we'll lie. We'll use carbon trading and other such schemes to pass the carbon excess onto other countries. Digitisation and zero carbon cannot exist in the same universe. Sorry.  

Digitisation and the renewables live together or die together. In other words, take their simultaneous implementation as a matter of "national security" for the nation of Europe and the US. I don't expect much resistance to this shitshow but I will of course be here reminding everyone very frequently that reneweables are an ecological catastrophe and that the digital security fantasises of the Davos elite depend entirely upon said ecological catastrophe.

Worried about climate change? You need to stand up the WEF's plans. It's as simple as that. But first, you need to acknowledge that this is happening.


We need to come up with a much smarter plan of our own. It's not complicated, it's just degrowth, relocalisation and grassroots democracy. If these imbeciles manage to push through these plans - which are, at the end of the day, just about economics - they'll burn down the last wing of our thoroughly dilapidated mansion and leave nothing here for your children to live on. Don't believe me? You can watch Bright Green Lies, the film, or read Bright Green Lies, the book. I finished the book a few days ago and watched the film afterwards. I'll post a few notes in a separate email soon.  

Diana Johnstone points out in this podcast the incredibly strong similarities between the structure of the EU and the vision that the Nazis had for Europe. Corporations in charge of their domains, Germany at the head of a unified economic structure.   

So, here's the thing. Even if you bizarrely still can't accept the foregoing facts, the EU is acting in a such a way that it will bring about a colossal human rights disaster if allowed to proceed unchecked. The EU is an enemy of humanity, no less. Yes, it's that bad.

That's not to say that Europe is a bad thing, or even some concept of unity. Or maybe solidarity is a better word. But the core of the EU decision-making is entirely captured now by ideologies that are extremely dangerous. As some observers put it, the appointment of UvdL was, in fact, the termination of even pretending that the EU is democratic. The EU is currently in the middle in what is really a fascist coup, an attempt to take over vast swathes of the most important businesses and operations of the entire continent: energy, health, farming. US captalism is of course heavily involved; there's no real difference there and its likely more accurate to say that the US leads as Europe follows, as Johnstone further explains here.    

We're in serious danger and the EU is absolutely central to the problem.   

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