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What the Hell Is Cinematic Anyways?

By Mario D Leone | Filmz Director Kaiju | 14 Sep 2021


Our topics! 

  • Cinema by definition and my definition!
  • Whys is something Cinematic according to me?
  • Examples of Cinematic movies.
  • Who am I?
  • Summary of it all.


Cinema by definition and my definition!

Cinematic means according to Siri relating to motion pictures. Can you get anymore vague Siri? Ok! What does that really mean? I mean come on! It can't be that simple! Did your film teacher teach you that Siri? 

It seems like such a pretentious word. I mean god forbid my Youtube video is not cinematic these days, yet the war of video is on over platforms, and every one is aiming to just do their best!

What Cinematic means to me! What it means to me is creating the illusion of reality, and dramatizing footage that scratches the surface of human emotion by using many production tools and angles.

Good movies make you think, and incredible movies make you feel. I like to think at movies, and I like feel emotion with movies, and if you can do both you got yourself a winner! Some may not agree, and that's fine to each their own. 

Then the actor must bring out there emotion or the Director (such as myself) will find ways to bring out the emotion in the actor. When we watch movies and get mindlessly numbed by them I would say that the critics rarely see the process of what goes on behind the scenes. But do they see when audio fails, or when an angle is causing an issue, or worse like continuity issues? Tons of hard work goes into films and it is an effort. It's like building Noah's Ark and moving it to the water. 

Cinematic examples:

  • Jaws
  • Jurrasic Park.
  • Silence (2016)
  • Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
  • Mudbound (2017)
  • Avatar 
  • Frozen

These all have touched and scratched the human emotion using a film medium, and it shows! I'm sure the list goes on and on.

Who am I?

Mario D. Leone of Filmz Director Kaiju! https://www.filmzdirectorkaiju.com I am a Director that is independent of course and soon to be no longer independent. You can read my bio there is you'd like be-careful its still under construction. I am working on it. 

I do everything myself: Audio (Check) Cameraman (Check) Editor (Check) Writer (Check)! 
I do it all and I still have a cast and some of a crew to support when stuff goes crazy. After all even a drone pilot needs a spotter if he is getting to close to the trees.

I will leave you with my Captain American Fan film. It was fun and it was this past 4th of July; furthermore, it is just a portfolio piece. Feel free to check it out here! Captain America - Down Memory Reign or check out my Film Reel. I don't care about perfection; because, perfection is an illusion! 

I care about fine tuning a project over and over, and if the project had an issue I solve it, or remove it, or I have already moved on to my next one and do not look back. I aim for fine tuning and entertainment!  I want to fine tune my project like a piano, I make my adjustments and then go back to editing and making changes. I listen to it and my intuition and fine tune it again. Yes, plenty of CEO's talk about intuition and barely know how to operate from the intuitive level. Logic is all there too as it is a tool of data and looking at the facts, yet at the end of the day Intuition helps make the decision with the help of our friend confluence. Each project is a entertainment stepping stone for me that I put under my feel and develop my own style.

The summary of it all:
Cinema can be defined by me as emotional invocation through the artistic medium of film. Make people think! Make people feel. Even videos on Youtube make you buy stuff through the element of selling emotion, or solutions. Those are not the only movies above on the list, and they are a few.

I can appreciate you reading. Thanks for stopping by, and check out Captain America here above!

Keep in mind story is crucial, but can your film or movie make someone cry like the film the "Notebook." Can you have the visual feel of the film along with the tools strike the emotional feel!






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Mario D Leone
Mario D Leone

Director, Writer, Fight Choreographer Mario D. Leone, born in New York, began his career in technology in 2001 as a Software Trainer teaching for 2 major universities and moved on to writing and directing short films where in 2017. Currently Directing…

Filmz Director Kaiju
Filmz Director Kaiju

I'm a Director, Writer, and Fight Choreographer with many years of experience in the entertainment industry. I've been lucky enough to work and learn from some of the best in the business and now I'm looking for opportunities to share my stories — Mario D. Leone is a Director, Writer, and Fight Choreographer. He began his career in 2001 as a Software Trainer at Apple. His work includes the short film "Burn of The Queen." — Tarantino meets Scorsese meets Ron Howard

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