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C/o Kancherapalem is a 2018 Telugu movie and is the debut venture of writer director Maha Venkatesh.

The story take place in a small village of Kancherapalem where everyone knows each other.


The film is about 4 romances, between schoolchildren Sunitha and Sundaram, between Bhargavi and Joseph in their late 20s, between Gaddam and Saleema in their 30s and between Raju and his boss, Radha who are 49 and 42 years old.


The problems & conflicts in love like religion, status, social constraints and how people who live in small rural areas approaches them are showcased throughout the film.

Even though he knew that everyone will criticize and belittle him for wearing pink shirt, Sundaram was courageous enough to wear a pink shirt for his love. A childhood romance with its timidity is pictured in all its essence.



The story about Bhargavi and Joseph, both in their 20s teaches us how hatred towards each other can develop into a pure and unconditional love. 


For me, the most beautifully laid out story was that of Gaddam, a worker in a local beverage outlet and Saleema, a prostitute. The scene where he finally proposes her with her favorite brand of brandy even after he realizes she is a prostitute, leaves the audience in awe! Apart from describing a pure and selfless love, it also paints a vivid picture of her struggle in life and how people look at her because of what she does for a living. 


Lastly, the romance of Raju, a 49-year-old bachelor falling for his 42-year-old boss, who has a 20-year-old daughter.


Now, let us talk about the elephant in the room. The movie speaks about how women are not able to make their own decisions. When Radha’s brother talks down on her when she expressed herself, her daughter asks him at what age women would be able to make their own decisions. The patriarchy and male dominance is effortlessly blended into the mixture to make peace with the fact that unless we want this tyranny to end, it should be us who should act accordingly.


Although, the movie is about the romances in Kancherapalem, we as cannot turn our heads on Ram Murthy, Sundaram’s father. The pain and hardships of Ram Murthy is not properly appreciated. Ram Murthy, being the best in his field and yet unable to earn enough to support his family and life constantly keeps knocking him down on every step of his life. Well, that’s life folks! It is never fair!


To put things in perspective, C/o Kancherapalem is a beautifully woven piece of life.


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