Which fiat on-ramp provides the best rates?

By | | 25 Feb 2022

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more users are willing to exchange their fiat funds for digital ones. This gave rise to a boom of fiat on-ramps that literally flooded the market. Find out in our article what a fiat on-ramp is and how to choose the best among all. 

Key Points:

  • Fiat on-ramps make it easy to exchange fiat funds for cryptocurrency.
  • When choosing a fiat on-ramp, pay attention to the exchange rate, supported payment methods, and available crypto/fiat currencies.
  • Fiatom compares the exchange rates of various services and provides you with the best offer.

fiat on-ramp

What is fiat on-ramp?

In recent years, cryptocurrency has been actively entering all spheres of our life. Perhaps there is not a single person left who has not heard at least about Bitcoin. Many have resisted the new money for a long time, saying that cryptocurrency is “Monopoly money” and not believing in its success. But today it has become quite obvious that cryptocurrency is not a bubble, and crypto is also much superior to fiat funds. It is for this reason that many people began to think about how to transfer at least some amount of fiat into cryptocurrency. That’s how fiat on-ramp solutions appeared, which serve as a kind of bridge between the real and digital world.

The fiat gateway allows you to buy BTC or other digital coins using traditional money. For a better understanding of its work, you can imagine a slot machine — by throwing a coin into it, the player receives game tokens. The fiat gateway is designed for a similar purpose, allowing you to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency, which makes it possible to participate in the crypto ecosystem. In other words, it is a kind of gateway to the world of digital assets.

Which fiat on-ramps are there?

Since demand generates supply, hundreds of fiat on-ramps have appeared on the market. These services differ from each other by ease of use, a list of supported fiat and cryptocurrencies, and most importantly, fees and exchange rates. It is often quite difficult for a beginner to decide and choose the best service in all this variety. In order to make life easier for users, special aggregator platforms that compare offers from various services and provide the best rate for the buyer have been created. One of these services is Fiatom. Our platform cooperates with 7 of the most reliable fiat providers to provide you with the most favorable purchase offers. The list of our partners includes:

fiat on-ramps comparison

Choosing between fiat on-ramps with the best rates

In order to buy cryptocurrency at the best rate, you just need to take a few simple steps. On the main Fiatom page, you need to enter the fiat amount, select the fiat and cryptocurrency, and click “Search”. Our service will compare rates and offer you the best offer. Let’s look at the example of Bitcoin.


In the picture above, it is quite obvious that Liquid offers us the most favorable exchange rate. But the user also needs to pay attention to the payment methods provided by fiat providers. So, for example, if you want to make a payment via bank transfer or SEPA, you will not be able to use Liquid services.

So what is the best fiat on-ramp?

It is impossible to answer this question definitely since the choice depends on your requirements. For the most part, Liquid provides the best rate for buying cryptocurrencies. However, as mentioned earlier, this provider will not be the best for someone, since it does not provide the opportunity to purchase with some payment methods. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the supported fiat and cryptocurrencies. For example, despite a good exchange rate, the user will not be able to buy, for example, Shiba Inu or Cardano on the Liquid platform.

The good news is that with the help of Fiatom, you do not need to compare rates yourself, look for which provider supports the cryptocurrency or payment method you need. Depending on a number of factors listed above, Fiatom will select the best provider for each individual case.

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