Blockchain investments?
Blockchain investments?

By fervi | fervi | 14 Oct 2019

During one of the social forums, during a conversation about Bitcoin, one person informed that companies that invest in "blockchain" building their solutions are disappointed, because they have not succeeded, or even failed. How is it possible that such a rapidly developing industry does not make it possible to achieve success? I have my own thoughts and I will try to describe them.

Blockchain as a remedy for all evil

In many media the blockchain is a solution for all evil, and even "cryptocurrency" spoil this market. After all, it is a great technology that can help people to create a new life insurance market, video transmission market, computer games market, instant messenger market (...). In most cases, it has to be said that this is bullshit. Most of this type of solutions, if it can work on this database as much as possible, is within a very poor version in terms of functionality. An example is the compound or "loans" system, which requires a huge deposit (e.g. 150% of the loan value). However, not everything can be automated, so at some stage in many solutions there is a "bad third party", which in most cases was thrown out in crypto.

Solutions for nobody

That is my personal opinion, but in many cases we are not talking about projects for people, but for companies. It seems to me that the crypto industry is created by people with small businesses (at most) than by corporations like Google or Microsoft. Many solutions created "for the industry" are not focused on people (providing them with a service they need).

Old solution + Blockchain = A lot of money!

I noticed it during the 2017 bubble in which PlayKey type projects were created on a massive scale, i.e. "Cloud gaming" with blockchain. The question arises - if the competition did well (as far as possible, Cloud Gaming is difficult) without blockchain, then what does anyone need blockchain for?

But is it possible to make money on the market?

Well, at least it depends on your knowledge. I try to create good for Blockchain in my free time as "IntinteDAO". This is not something to live off, but we are constantly improving the level of services provided (they are often free, but in cryptocurrency even on free you can earn a few pennies). We do it "from people to people".


I believe in the future. Bitcoin's Maximalist, amateur programmer, creator of unofficial DAO - IntinteDAO, fan of freedom, decentralization, new technologies.


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