Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision and what it means for Crypto

Recently Microsoft has purchased the gaming behemoth Activision, which is responsible for making huge franchises like Call Of Duty and Diablo. The deal has been finalized at $68.7 billion after months of battles with regulators.

What does this have to do with crypto?

Crypto could see a big increase in popularity in the metaverse and could also allow other payment systems to be used in games to buy games or even subscriptions. NFTs could also be used for unique in-game rewards and skins. Microsoft could also leverage blockchain-based to enhance transparency and also security to create more decentralized systems that are more resistant to cheaters and fraud. Cross-platform payments may also be made3 with stable-coins to make in-game payments more easier. Cryptocurrency rewards may also be introduced to rewards gamers for their hard work and be used to buy games or memberships. In-game cosmetics could also be tokenized to make player-based trading more popular and help players raise funds.

Could Microsoft partner with other Crypto projects?

Currently it is quite uncertain but there is potential for Microsoft to work with more well-known crypto currencies which could lead to unique game-related cosmetics and other in-game rewards to bring in more players.

Educational Initiatives

Microsoft could also use crypto to reward players for completing educational courses about cryptocurrency. We've seen this before in Minecraft Education Edition and Microsoft Learn but now you may be able to earn crypto for learning.

Investor Interest

This acquisition may also increase interest in blockchain and crypt-based companies and projects and could also increase share sales within Microsoft and boost Microsoft and Cryptos popularity.

Remember these are all speculations based on ready-made information and they are not confirmed.


Microsoft has bought Activision for a nearly $69 billion and this could have a huge impact on the gaming and crypto world.

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Cryptocurrency and the world
Cryptocurrency and the world

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