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The marvelous worlds of point'n'click adventures

By felipejoys | felipejoys | 20 Apr 2020

Fantasy, fiction, reality, one and the same

Games offer us the best in interactive creativity a human mind can develop. And that's where point'n'click games really shine. Here are some of the my favorite imaginable worlds!




Whispers of a Machine

The world has left computers behind. After the great Collapse catastrophe that has to do with artificial intelligences, only manual machinery or chipless eletronic devices are legal. But since the Collapse has only happened a few decades ago, small towns are still adapting.

As a possible future for our own real world, Whispers of a Machine is incredibly intriguing because it is only natural we've come to expect everyone around us is digitally connected.

Even if the characters are charismatic, it's shocking when we realize that's sort of how the world would look like if we ran out of rare-earth metals or if computer chips were banned altogether.




Full Throttle (Remastered)

A barren land as far as the eye can see where people struggle everyday to get by. Something has certainly gone wrong with humanity at some point, as only one company is still producing motorbikes.

There are very few steampunk'ish technologies available, but this may only be the case in the region where the storyline takes place: an industrial area packed with slums, territory wars and passages primarily meant for road transports.





Robots have inherited an apocalyptic land. Three great machines are responsible for inventing all of the bots, but they've become out of reach. Their fabled creator, Man, is depicted in an old, nearly fogotten creed.

The last bastion of eletricity, the decaying Megalopolis, is ruled by a software hungry for literal power. The two other cities were blasted into nothingness after the last great war.

Everything in this world is distant from our reality, yet it's all so closely familiar. Getting to know Primordia makes us question our own beliefs and identities.




The dig

An answer to the Philosopher's Stone theory, depicting technology and even life forms that could actually exist out there in the universe.

Seeing humans interacting with it also touches the question of how small or important we are, as a species and as individuals, before ancient superiority.

Your pick

Amazing, aren't they! How about you, what game did you play that had a world that fascinated you? All gaming genres allowed!

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