Covid as part of some new world order WHAT?

By felipejoys | felipejoys | 8 Sep 2020

I've read some "new world order" theory about how covid deaths are inflated and lockdowns are supposed to break economies and individuals' health, later replacing the current economic system with a government-centralized crypto ledger, which would make it much more difficult to do anything with freedom.

"Oh, let me send you $10!... But not without the government knowing about it." Basically every country would be like a 100% crypto-backed Venezuela.

With that in mind, I realized if this really were true, bitcoin was actually an initial step for the general public to get acquainted with the new financial model. In that case, it's no wonder "Satoshi Nakamoto" never came public. But that would be the least of my worries.

As economies continuously break, the alleged trade war between USA and China for rare-earth metals would interrupt computer manufacturers. The digitally connected world would start to fade away, behind cryptocurrency money locks. This would not be hard, since only 6 private companies control almost all of the existing internet today.

If you wanted to talk to somebody overseas, your digital message has to travel through those long-distance underwater cables through private propriety. This is not going to happen if you don't have enough government-centralized crypto to pay for it.

Even though you do have access to information now, you would not going to have it for long. Physical and digital books would eventually also get locked behind that crypto's paywall. Already today, physical access to science and humanity's history is increasingly restricted. Museums all over the world keep burning. Public libraries are scarcer than ever.

At some point, behind all the excuses, we would never realize when our rights have already been taken away. Because we would be too busy completing whatever government task was required of us in order to get food due to the intentionally wrecked society.

Who would do such a thing? Of course, those who are already in power. They are afraid of the coordination the internet offers us. They fear educated nations who might interfere with their doings. They do not want to share, so we will lose everything until we're no longer a threat again.

That's why, if this theory is correct (and I believe it is), those who have the power to do it will take away our internet, computers, science, comfort, health, food and electricity. Slowly but surely, in a blinding and cost-efficient manner. We'll be caught off guard, since we take those things for granted at this moment.

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