After the last BTC halvening, you shouldn't HLOD it anymore

After the last BTC halvening, you shouldn't HLOD it anymore

By felipejoys | felipejoys nongaming | 20 May 2020


This might have been the last big halving event. I think BTC is gonna start dying this year. We'll probably see the rise of a different crypto as staple. It's going to be crazy.

I don't think the price is going to become lower, simply because fewer people will want to buy over time while whale sellers won't suddenly dump. The coin will seem active because of bot activity in exchanges so it will apparently look like an attractive asset.

But these whale sellers are just going to milk people who are getting in too late. Whenever BTC reaches a new mark of activity DROP, it will see a new dump until it is useless. Long-term newbie investors will lose most of the value they HLOD.

That's all because mining isn't as profitable anymore, so there will be less worker, which means longer transaction times. Because of high fees and little to no utility while good alternatives emerge, BTC will stop being used altogether. The recent difficulty drop proves BTC is desperate for miners.

ETH is clearly the strongest candidate as the new cryptocurrency staple. Because of gas fees and a very versatile market thanks to ERC-20 sidechains, everyone who hasn't already turned to it will do so in the future. I don't think it will ever hit 20k USD, but technical data shows how safe it is right now.

We will be able to consider this change “official” when BTC influencers start focusing on ETH instead. When that happens, I hope you don't have any BTC anymore. At that point, it's certainly never going to moon again.

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