Would you rather send a transaction or go to McDonald's?

Would you rather send a transaction or go to McDonald's?

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 12 Feb 2021

That is a very honest question. Imagine making one daily transaction at our current rates. Would you rather deal with crypto or go to McDonald's every day.


While it may be unhealthy I would take McDonald's every time. Especially with the current Pokemon 25th anniversary cards they're giving out. Now you may not feel the same about McDonald's but at these rates you can basically eat anywhere for one. Chick fil a, Chili's. These prices are sky high and thinking about it this way let's you know that the prices need to be resolved soon.


My timeline is the end of this bull cycle. The next time I see a retraction and the next time we can all honesty say we are in a bull cycle the fees have to be brought down to a cents level and need to remain consistent at those levels. It may be unpopular but it will be the way I judge Ethereum and its future successes.

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