Trimmed Portfolio

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 11 Feb 2021

I have finally cut my portfolio down to my top 4 coins. I will list them below.


BTC - 65.90% ( Was 70.43%)

My BTC position is back into the 60s range as a percentage of my portfolio. I expect this trend to follow as we get deeper into the bull cycle. I can see it reaching the low 50s as my other coins raise in value. BTC is king though so it'll remain my biggest position throughout the next few years.


ETH - 13.52% (Was 14.81%)

Ethereum is my second biggest position and should have a slight advantage on bitcoin as the trend continues. By the end of this cycle I expect my BTC to reach levels below 50% while my ETH rises close to 20%. The rise continues and I'll be there for the ride.


ADA - 12.28% (Was 6.71%)

Cardano is one of my alternative projects to Ethereum. As you can see the bull cycle has helped increase the value of ADA more than other projects. It's already close to a dollar and I expect it to reach at least two dollars in the next couple of months.


DOT - 8.30% (Was 7.46%)

Polkadot is a lot like Ethereum when it comes to smart contracts they call parachains but also seeks to focus on interoperability with different chains through its relay chain. I expect this project to also have very healthy gains that help it reach a value of at least10% in my portfolio once the full bull cycle is complete. Staking and price appreciation has made this into my third largest holding at the current time. I also finally swapped my HEX into DOT using the Uniswap platform


HEX - 0.00% (Was 0.41%)

HEX is no more. I traded in for DOT and up to now I am happy. I do not expect to touch my positions from this point on.



DOGE -  0.0%

I am still holding some DOGE but at this point it is a negligible holding and I hold it on Robinhood which means the coins aren't really mine. I do not expect to bring this coin up in future portfolio reviews.

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