My crypto works for me 24/7

My crypto works for me 24/7

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 13 Feb 2021

Well as of now 100% of my crypto works for me. I will give you the services I use as well as the percentage of gains I am receiving thanks to my crypto working for me.


The services I use are Blockfi, Kraken, and Yoroi. The percentages of each coin will be listed below.


BTC- Blockfi interest rate of 6%

ETH- Blockfi interest rate of 5.25%

ADA- Yoroi staking rate is variable and dependent on each epoch. My current rate is 4.42%

DOT- Kraken staking rate of 12%.


All I can say is damn, it feels great to have all of my crypto working for me in many ways.


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