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Self-Criticism and Change

By turuncu | Feelings | 4 Feb 2021

I just wanted to write an article. What I wanted to do was start at a low frequency and increase the frequency halfway through the article. But unfortunately I couldn't get out of it. So I could not complete the article. I guess I don't want to make such an attempt from now on. Trying to see the positive side of some things is an unnecessary effort. It's like talking about the beauty of the thorn when there is a rose. I want to do something I haven't done before and talk about myself in this article. It is okay if we do not call this article an article. Maybe internal reckoning ... Maybe a self-criticism ... Anyway ...

There are such beauties in life ... I have experienced many of them myself. Love, friendship, great times spent with family ... Why would we prefer to talk about the ugliness of hate when it is so wonderful to express love ... I think we love drama, even if there is no drama in our lives ...

No man. I like to have nice conversations with my friends with a coffee cup in hand during a break after a tiring job. I do everything I do great. At first, I am inexperienced, but I learn. Because there is no mastery without inexperience.

I enjoy eating my food not alone, but with other people. I like to talk about love, I like to show my love more. I'm not a perfect person, maybe I'm not a perfect friend, but I'm just the way I am. Sometimes I am cheerful and sometimes calm. It happens when I'm angry, when I forget and make peace ...

I don't like history. The only thing I'm fighting is the war itself. I love people. Other creatures ... I can't even slaughter chicken, but I'm not a vegetarian. I am partially interested in science, technology, and spiritual issues. I love children. I'm not bad with animals either. I love nature. But I'm in love with the sea I don't always read books. I usually prefer to read books in my spare time and if it's something I'm curious about ...

I don't have an active life right now. But I love to walk. I am Aquarius. My soaring fish. I don't understand astrology, but I know that planets and celestial events affect the world and us.

I don't really like prophecies. Because I have not yet come across the prophecy that gives good good news.

I'm a single man but I'm not ready to have this kind of relationship right now. I know how difficult and weary long distance relationships are, especially.

I recently had a health problem. Thank God I'm better now.

I believe we always choose one of two styles in the world. Love or Fear. It is these two emotions that fundamentally rule our lives.

I live in Turkey. I come from a family with Muslim and Alevism beliefs. I read the Gospel of Matthew. My belief system is based on love. Love comes from God; Fear is an emotion that occurs when you move away from God. God is the flameless Light, and the Darkness is a dimension in which God is not yet perceived. There is no place where there is no God. The Light of God is everywhere. But since we cannot see the light of God, we perceive it as dark.

The world is full of wonders, miracles and blessings. Isn't it better to be aware of these, to be grateful for all these, and to enjoy the beauties of life? The sadness we experience when we have difficulties in our lives is different; Creating drama in unusual times is quite different. Having difficulties, creating difficulties are different things. Why do we need to constantly upset ourselves for situations where we cannot do anything?

If there is a problem, there is a solution. We can solve the problems. We can be part of the solution, not the problem. However, we cannot do this by burying ourselves in problems. We have to give ourselves time to breathe and feel the oxygen entering our lungs. We can enjoy every bite we eat. We can feel the wind on our skin. We can breathe the scent of the sea.

It's night but now I'm going to make a coffee. I will open and watch a movie I love. It's raining outside right now. Even the soil scent is great. This article is up to this point.

Thank you. 🙏

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