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By turuncu | Feelings | 1 Jan 2021


What should be in a healthy relationship?

Without a doubt, relationships are a part of our lives. When it comes to relationship, the first thing that comes to mind is male-female relationship and marriage. However, our life is interwoven with so many types of relationships that it does not end with counting. Our mother, father, siblings, uncles, aunts, teachers, friends, cousins, nephews, neighbors, boss etc. We are in contact with so many people that we don't even think that some of them are relationships.

Apart from these, it is a fact that we also have relationships with people with whom we interact with a little less than them. We establish relationships with the cashier at the grocery store, the security guard on our site, the waiter at the cafe we ​​go to, our hairdresser, our dentist and many more. Of course, even if these relationships are not the same as we have with our relatives, they are still important.

The behaviors we adopt in our close or distant relationships affect the quality of our relationships. Harmony, honesty and courtesy are very important in our relationships. And they must be strictly mutual, not one-sided.

Balance in relationships

The universal system is so interesting that when we put weight on one side, it is likely that it will have uneven consequences. "Who loves a lot is not loved." When you say, the point is not really to love too much. The main problem here is that we do not neglect ourselves while caring for someone else.

For example, because of a small, insignificant matter, you treated a staff member working next to us harshly and broke him. Because he needed the job, and you were above him, he didn't speak up in front of what you did and said. Since he does not give you the answer you deserve, he will feel worthless and this will negatively affect his life. At the end of a while, your subconscious will somehow compensate for the injustice you have done against those personnel. Even if you forget, your subconscious will not forget this and will provide balance. You can see the effect of this in the form of troubles in your life and problems in your relationships. Because you did the beginning of the imbalance in your relationships by doing unfairness to your staff.

I want to explain the subject without distributing too much. Relations are interdependent. Because we have the common point of them. "I gave him so much love and understanding, but he didn't even realize it." The reason for your ex-spouse's injustice to you may be the unfairness and annoyance you did towards your staff. Of course, I cannot say this or that for sure. But think of your relationships as a whole, the effect on one side affects the other in one way or another.

Impact - Response

If you read my previous article on the Law of Effect-Response, you may notice that the system works the same. If your staff responded to your unfair treatment of your staff, "You are unnecessarily burdened with me on this issue. I have valid reasons. I would like the situation to come to an end as you wish. But in this case there was nothing I could do. I would expect your understanding." You would see his reaction instantly.

What I'm trying to explain is the law of action-reaction necessarily works. Sometimes right after a while. Sometimes a reaction can occur where we expect it, and sometimes it can occur in a place we never even thought possible.

I have no intention of accusing or judging anyone here. The example I have already mentioned is hypothetical. However, what I know is that even if we forget or do not realize it, our subconscious is constantly, 7/24. If we blame ourselves inside, we can be blamed in our relationships. If we love ourselves enough and do not give ourselves the value we deserve, we see this through relationships that make us feel worthless, even if we are not aware of it.

Loving, being loved is very important. This includes loving ourselves. Respect, love, kindness, and tolerance are very important in relationships. If we do not show the kindness and tolerance we show too much to our spouse to our staff who cannot respond to us, our relations in general will become unstable.

As in every aspect of your life, balance is very important in relationships. To neglect ourselves is to not value ourselves. If we cannot be kind, tolerant, and respectful to those whom we do not expect, it is likely that we have again lost the balance.

Of course, we may find it difficult to love everyone, but we can show respect, tolerance and kindness to everyone. Where necessary, we should be able to defend our rights because of our self-respect. Can we say that we show respect and tolerance to ourselves if we are being treated unfairly and defending our rights in our relationships?

Life balances itself somehow. On the other hand, we either lead a balanced life within the flow of life, or balance occurs spontaneously in some way. The first option quickly balances in harmony with life. The second option may take a little longer.

Awareness in relationships

We can balance our relationships in our lives. This is possible, but it is much better to live a life of awareness without waiting for everything to happen automatically ...

Even though I write a hundred articles on these topics, I still write the hundredth with pleasure. Because getting new awareness every time is worth it. There are some issues, everyone who says is listened to. Some jokes are funny every time they are told. There are some things that each narrator adds something to himself and the subject is enriched.

Some issues about life would still not be enough if hundreds of years passed and countless books were written.

No matter how many books have been written on subjects such as awareness, balance, love, and compassion, even though they are the subject of thousands of people's speeches, it is not enough to explain their importance. However, we learn more and improve each time. Everyone tries to describe the world from a window. Each window that opens allows us to learn more about the world.

This issue is one of them. The more we know about love, respect, affection, tolerance, balance, and awareness, the better we can grasp them.

Either we think about something and we have feelings about it; or our feelings and thoughts on that matter. So why not think about things that are wonderful, beautiful, useful, good for the whole?

Being aware of ourselves, our relationships, and our emotions is the first step to transforming them into positive. With awareness, we get ideas and then we bring these ideas to life.

May wonderful relationships, love, happiness, peace, healing be with you.



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