SwapSpace took my girl :(

First off I wanna say, I hope using curse words doesnt disqualify me from the contest because I really cant help myself. Im not gonna lie to you guys, when I started writing this article I was kinda only doing it to win money but then I started my resarch. Check this shit out, I was just complaining early because of how much I hate registering accounts, it's such a tedious pain in the ass and they ask the same thing over and over and over again. I clicked to sign up and what do you know, I didnt have to go through another account registration! Alright so now im interested for real.           


     So what does Swapspace even do? It does E V E R Y T H I N G! But first let me ask you a question. Think about why people dont get into crypto? What is it that makes the general public so hesitant to start collecting? A big reason is that bitcoin is such a pain in the ass to even buy, every exchange has you go through a virtual obstacle course before you can even start trading and a lot of times when they want to see proof of residence or my bank statements it feels like a complete breach of privacy. SwapSpace cuts out all the bullshit and lets you exchange crypto without even having to make an account, for no extra fee and it's completely anonymous too! It's by far the most user friendly exchange i've ever been on and it has over 450+ alt coins, thats more than fuckin coinbase. They also add all the new gems right as they come out so youll be able to buy all those up before anyone else can without even having to create an account. I cant stress how important it is that you can just go to their website, buy some bitcoin and not have to go through any hassle at all to get it, I buy crypto all the time and I really dont like having to go through all the bullshit I do to even login to my accounts sometimes.

     So what else can Swapspace do? You learn something every day, I honestly had never even heard of bitcoin halfing until I started doing resarch for this article. What if bitcoin halfing? It's when the ammount of bitcoin that miners get rewarded is cut in half it happens about once every 4 years and eventually after about 32 halfing cycles the bitcoin production will end. It's already happened twice one of which time was last year and it usually makes the price of them skyrocket. It's unknown when it will happen again but Swapspace has a timer thats more closely accurate then any other website! While other websites predict it by average block mining time, about 10 minutes Swapspace calculates it by means of live bitcoin statistics making it the most precise and accurate timer on the web. 

   If you ask me this is one of the better exchanges to come out in the current market, and it makes me happy to see it's not gonna be such a hassle to buy and sell crypto anymore. They also have a ton of airdrops listed on their site which is always a plus and Im excited to see where SwapSpace goes in the future. Here's my affaliate link https://swapspace.co/affiliate/  

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