Invest in yourself! 3 tips for sucess in anything you try


    Have you ever heard the phrase, if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself? Well the more I grow the more I find that to be 100% true. lets face it, people will let you down and disapoint you. It sucks but it is what it is, I'm sure we've all had our expiriences with that. Think about it, when you invest in something you're trusting your money to an entirely different group of people working on a goal/project, which seems like so much of a gamble. Not saying thats a bad thing, but i'd like to hear more stories of people investing in what they wanna do. A thing I used to struggle with a lot was self doubt, how could I work on something thats profitable that the public will buy into? Now after a couple sucessful little ventures, I'd like to share some of the things i've learned over the years. Wealth in the mindset not the pocket and wouldnt you rather be in control of how well your investment does?

1. Fake it till ya make it 
It sounds extremely generic but it's the truth, confidence is key when bringing to life any idea you may have. I'd be lying if I said I wake up everyday feeling like I can do everything, but I still tell myself that I can. It seems a little bit cocky, and It is but it enables me to set out and try different things. Any ideas I come up with I usually go for, even ones I really dont think are going to work. It's a little weird at first, but the more you tell yourself that you can do something the more you start to really believe it. I feel like a lot of oppurtunities have been missed because of self doubt and people are far more capable then they think. This tip can come in handy in a lot of situations, because I see a confident mindset as the best one you can have. 

2. Stay humble
    Now heres where the fake it part comes in, talking yourself up is good but being egotystical is not. I had a phase where I thought I was hot shit, and it really slowed down my rate of growth. There will always be somebody better than you and you're not always going to be perfect. If you think that you're the best at something then you're gonna stop learning and thats the worst thing you can do. My goal when creating is to make everything I make better than the last one, and you should have a time dedicated to improvement alone.

3. Knowledge is power
    Now I may be the  odd one out but I really didnt even finish high school, that being said I like to be as well resarched as possible when starting a new project. Being able to teach yourself how to do something is an extremely valubale skill to have. When I was learning how to sound engineer I spent many nights falling asleep crying at my keyboard because I couldnt get it right. Regardless of what it is you like to do I like to take a week of nothing but studying, take notes ect. I dont like schooling, but I do like learning. Information is one of the most powerful weapons their is, and if you want to make it anywhere you're going to need as much of it as possible. This can apply to a lot of places


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