Find the 7 differences. CoinMarketCap VS CoinGecko.
CoinGecko Vs CoinMarketCap

Find the 7 differences. CoinMarketCap VS CoinGecko.

By fdeflash | fdeflash | 23 Dec 2020



Let's see who finds the differences between the two prices. One provided by CoinMarketCap and the other is a widget that is provided by CoinGecko. This is real and it happened to me 2 days ago. The same coin: Deviant Coin.

I have followed the path of the masternodes. Deviant Coin is one of the coins that I bought to set up my second masternode. And after seeing in about ten days that the performance was weak, I decided to disassemble it and sell the coins, and thus recover the money. And I did, and it came out narrowly profitable. I sold the Collateral, which was approximately 5000 coins, a little more perhaps ... (the few benefits ...).
The next day I woke up, and as I remembered the price at which I sold more or less, I wanted to see if I was right to sell or it would have been better to sell a day later. I go to CoinMarketCap and look at the price. OMG! overnight the price had shot up from $ 0.005 to $ 1.62, that was like an amount of $ 6000 or $ 7000 !! And I said noooooo ... I ran to the exchange to see what was happening, and I saw that in the exchange I could still buy them at an approximate price to which I sold them. And I bought them. After a while I was understanding what was happening.


CoinMarketCap receives some data from the rare exchange. An exchange that apparently only has a mobile version and the web looks terrible ... I don't know, very strange.

Today, the web does not work directly. CoinMarketCap does not reply. And when I advance a little more on the platform, I find this, a cessation of activity announcement dated December 15, 2012. At that moment, after reflecting a few seconds I said: Shit! And now I have 5000 coins on the waiting list to be sold at a reasonable price for me, and to be able to recover the less what I spend, we don't talk about benefits. This has been my experience at CoinMarketCap. Now I trust in CoinGecko more.





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