Candies from CoinGecko!

Did anyone know this from CoinGecko?

By fdeflash | fdeflash | 20 Dec 2020

Did anyone know this from CoinGecko?

Well, since yesterday Mr. CoinMarketCap gave me a precocious mistake of a coin and I rushed to buy it. And it was a wrong price and I have to wait to sell them again without losing money.

So I start to trust CoinGecko more. And yesterday examining it in depth, I saw an icon that caught my attention:

Candies from CoinGecko!

And by clicking on that candy icon. Surprise! It has a game of daily rewards, in which just for logging in every 24 hours you get some candies. The amount of candies you can collect increases with each login. And the rewards, called candies, can be exchanged for bonuses and promotions on this and other platforms. Cool. I just wanted to make sure we all know!


Coinbase. They pay at the moment.

Up to $ 43 for answering 3 questions about BAND (video). Very easy.

Up to $ 69 for answering 3 questions about COMP (video). Very easy.

Up to $ 50 for answering 3 questions about EOS (video). Very easy.

Up to $ 50 for answering 3 questions about Stellar Lumens (video). Very easy.

After watching the videos, you can share the links and you will earn $ 10 for each referral, up to a limit of $ 40 per coin.

Also also other videos that will be activated once you start watching videos, such as FileCoin, Celo, The Grapht, Maker, Something ... etc and you will receive between $ 6 and $ 10 per coin.


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