Freedom Of Trading Across Multiple Blockchains With Reliability And Efficiency With BankDex

Freedom Of Trading Across Multiple Blockchains With Reliability And Efficiency With BankDex

By F Samad | Fazimoon Samad | 25 Aug 2019

Blockchain information is considered as a group of people-oriented open foundation initiatives where each person of the decentralized network has the power, in place of an essential authority as in a centralized exchange. The working of a centralized trading platform is in direct disagreement to the society-driven initiatives of Blockchain Technology, the transaction dealings including withdrawals are facilitated on the basis of charge payment. This negates the incredible ideology of realization of Blockchain technology in cryptocurrency exchanges. A centralized trading platform is typically run by a revenue-oriented company that receives profits from the fee levied on the platform.

Decentralized exchanges, has the possibility to overcome the drawbacks of centralized trading even though not entirely functional at the moment, Most significantly, they do away with the need for a middle man or third party in the exchange ecosystem, ensuring direct and smooth trading between the parties concerned, nevertheless, they do have their own set of challenges as well.

Presently, traders are enforced to use centralized exchanges where traders distribute their control on the resources which create BankDex solves the challenges for both types of trading by an enormous risk for them.BankDex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on ground-breaking technology and innovation that facilitates the inter-blockchain transfer of crypto-assets. BankDex traders will be able to trade BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, AND other ERC20 TOKENS through BankDex a cryptocurrency decentralized trading exchange, BankDex want to make crypto trading faster, easier, and accessible to anyone any part of the world. Nevertheless, BankDex is the first decentralized exchange that solves the operation problem of cross-chain transmit between different blockchain accounts in a distributed ledger network.

BankDex platform was created on a powerful blockchain technology that ensures superior transaction per second. BankDex overcomes the scalability restrictions of current blockchain systems with the BankDex protocol that balances the trade-o between latencies and throughput, this helps in the verification of initial transactions in seconds, in place of minutes as in standard blockchain transactions

BankDex is built on core expertise that rests on high-performance high-speed servers makes it non-reversible almost immediately, the platform verify the transaction and the Trader’s assets are completely safe as they don’t need to deposit into a central wallet.BankDex exchange uses DAG that makes it not possible to corrupt with trading transaction history.

BankDex will sustain an ever-growing number of coins that is fully extensible.

even in the future.

BankDex is extraordinary due to the following reasons:

1.Supports low-cost business

2.Connects unusual blockchains in a dispersed manner

3.Integrates with any private, public, or association chain

4.Enables both intra-chain and cross-chain transactions

5.Enables high token trade privacy

According to composed from trusted sources, there is a total of over 2070 tokens and cryptocurrencies in the market today. The figure of new crypto exchanges accounts open on a per-day basis is found to be somewhere between 70,000 and 100000. Regardless of the issues encountered by the digital currency market, international attention in cryptocurrencies and their trading have continuous rising. Recently a survey conducted by Encrybit in 161 countries to evaluate the higher trading features of existing cryptocurrency trading platform and trader

preferences in the following explanation. A recent analysis of the preferred type of trading showed that about 35% of traders where position trader, followed by day trader at 27%, swing traders at 20% and scalper at 18%. The result undoubtedly indicates that crypto enthusiasts like to play it safe are not very prone to taking risks. This will increase the popularity of a Simulator exchange which enables risk-free trade.





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