CuresToken Empowering The Patients And Decentralizing The Health Care System

CuresToken Empowering The Patients And Decentralizing The Health Care System

By F Samad | Fazimoon Samad | 22 Apr 2019

Worldwide health for the populations in the global framework, perform and research that places a priority on improving health care and achieving fairness in health for all people worldwide. Troubles that exceed national borders or have a global political and economic impact are often emphasized. Total health is about universal health improvement plus security and mental health against global threats that ignore national borders decrease of disparities 12.

Healthcare operating cost is rising so fast in complex economies according to a new OECD report that they will become too costly by mid-century without reforms. The present health care costs in many countries are beyond the increase in GDP and the revenue from taxes that maintain healthcare itself is not sustainable. As a result change been more necessary in the healthcare sector, than now. 

Over the years there have been many medical advances, the microorganisms responsible for malaria and tuberculous were identified, in more recent years we saw the development penicillin and many vaccines. The termination of smallpox spur hopes that other diseases could also be eradicated and the global partnership came in the form of several international organizations pooling resources such as the World Bank and the United Nations, culminating in the creation of the World Health Organisation (WHO) after the second world war. website

Now Medical Service Providers are en­couraged to offer these contracts for a decrease, creating added value, in return for a fee now enabling both MSP and patient the chance to buy and sell these con­tracts in order to profit from their scare resourcesHealth platform agreement innovative future contracts concept allows for both broad contracts and specific contracts. Electronic account where patients can take control over their data enabling re­mote consultation,  waiting lists and reducing visits which can result in contracting other diseases and obtaining second opinion which all go to lighten the tremen­dous load the Healthcare system is experiencing,  right now there is even the prospect for mon­etizing their own data by selling access to it for different medical and statistical surveys.   whitepaper

CURESToken is a worldwide ecosystem of services available to patients ,all healthcare providers, and those working in the field of medical tourism, by offering a combination of exclusive features including payment at minimum cost, and compensation unmatched business opportunities including fundraising interest-free, selling en-masse, trading contracts for future work, selling en-masse, trading and storing with medical records, and storing digital health-aiding apps, as well as an element of commercial social responsi­bility through the generous trust fund.

Marketplace and Trust review platform where patients are no longer lead just by rec­ommendations but are positive browse, and to search for medical service providers internationally, ensuring safety,  cost-effectiveness increase perfect competition through a decentralized system. The crucial element is to create a legitimate trust review system, only the re­cipient is permitted to post a review good or bad, once a contract has been accomplished through the blockchain, only the re­cipient are allowed to post a review bad or good. Reviews will also include medical practitioners to ensure further that the most appro­priate knowledgeable decisions are made.

The possible for the cryptocurrency is equally extra special particularly in a global environment by using the CURES token they ensure that transactions are secure and safe and extenuating fluctuations in exchange rates, exchange costs, in addition, costs can often be hedged. In spite of of-of the scarcity of CUREStoken, it has the potential for market share is incredible, medical tourism alone accounts for $ 45.5-72 billion per annum  a 2012 evaluation made by the WHO estimates the 2010 global health expenses to the staggering $6.5 trillion, according to Delloite3 worldwide health care spending will be approximately $9 trillion by 2020.

The team members behind CUREStoken is by no means new to innovative and creative ideas, are also the current Co-founders so much so that EU governments have approved the software by implementing it at an institutional level, within their own educational sectors. and are the two Co-founders of Vision the innovative soft­ware enabling people to see a much more colorful world with impaired vision.


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