Meet my BestDapp "CanWork" - A Decentralized Freelance Marketplace Providing Comprehensive Solution to Existing Freelance Problems

By Dtwo Olasamuel | FavoriteDapps | 20 Dec 2019

Ever since blockchain technology and the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was invented back in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, there has been massive growth in the cryptocurrency market. Various cryptocurrency and blockchain startups keeps joining the ecosystem in their tens and hundreds every now and then. Considering the fact that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is slowly but carefully taking over the race, it is only normal and practically inherent to see developers and companies build their own blockchain-based community startups for every fields, professions, and industries. Quite a good number of terminologies have being threading through that path, and freelance is not an exception.


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Let's take a look at what freelance mean as defined by Wikipedia

 Freelance, freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term

No doubt, freelance and freelancing have been existing from time past even before the invention of blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, its immense benefits and unique features has made it to be widely recognised and prevalently long-standing even in this new era of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The freelance economy has been growing so fast to the extent that more and more professionals are leaving their jobs to join the independent workforce. Also, more and more startups and projects are choosing to join the gig economy. The drastic growth within the freelance industry has made the whole thing bulky and difficult to manage. The freelance industry is still being overshadowed by some of ill-defined situation which has rendered it to be unproperly organized. In lieu of that, the transaction fee is very high and this render freelancers a less payment for their work. In light of this, most of the existing freelance platform doesn't have effective measure in place to check on the skills of their service providers, and this sometimes lead to poor service delivery to their clients. The personal data of providers and clients that are not safe is yet another challenge.

Therefore, this calls for the need to get a better and advanced approach which can be integrated into a freelance platform in order to provide comprehensive solution to existing problems. The freelance platform will give room for freelancers and clients to leverage on its consequent features to make their freelance experience worthwhile.

This is exactly what a dedicated team of brilliant individual thought of and decided to come up with a unique Platform called "CanWork".



What is CanWork?

CanWork is a unique decentralized and blockchain-based marketplace with comprehensive solution to existing freelance problems to create an enabling environment where service providers and clients can work together efficiently and achieve their goals.


CanWork As a Game Changer in the Freelance Economy

Just as I said earlier, CanWork is a unique decentralized platform with the best approach towards making sure that normalcy is brought into the freelance sector. CanWork is a marketplace decentralized application built to help clients find quality service providers who offer digital services such as graphics design, digital marketing, software engineering and content writing.

CanWork has been developed and designed in such a way that it enables its users to experience simplicity and uniqueness in a freelance economy that seems difficult to capitulate. Clients can pay providers for service provided using cryptocurrencies since Credit cards and cryptocurrencies are accepted on the platform.


The Problems of Existing Freelance Platforms

Exorbitant Fees: Most of the existing freelance platform requires their users to pay high fees on jobs. Freelancers using those platforms are required to pay as high as 30% on payment remittance, which automatically cut down their hard earned salary on work offered.

Low Quality Providers: Clients tend to get poor services from service providers on most of the existing Freelance Platforms, and this is because most of them don't have a good measure in place to scrutinize the skills of service providers.

Counterparty Risk: The risk of not getting full payment or not getting paid at all for job completed is yet another serious issue freelancers are facing on existing freelance platform.

Middlemen and Third Parties: The presence of middlemen and third parties on existing freelance platforms tends to lower the salary of freelancers on jobs completed, and this is because they want to get their own profit from every salary you get for a job.

Users Data Not Safe: Since most of the existing freelance platforms are not decentralized, users run the risk of jeopardizing their personal data to fraudsters and hackers.

Slow Transaction Throughput: Since most of the existing freelance platforms operate on fiat currencies alone, there are delays in payment especially when it is an international transaction, which in turn reduce the global reach.


The Solution of CanWork to the Problems of Existing Freelance Platforms

Reasonable Fee Structure: CanWork is designed to tackle the issue of "work more, earn less" as they take no fees on jobs and only take 1% payment fee from freelancers as payment remittance when they make a transaction. This help freelancers get more money for their works, and client get cheaper rates. The absence of middlemen or third parties also assist in the efficient management of the fee structure.

Decentralization: CanWork is a decentralized application, and its decentralized feature is a guarantee that CanWork will never keep or sell its users personal data. This is by large one outstanding feature that most of not all existing freelance platforms lacks.

Quality Service Providers: In order to ensure that clients get quality outcome for jobs given to service providers, CanWork have a unique measure in place to ensure that all service providers are hand picked and vetted for their skills before they are approved to be professionals in their skills on the CanWork platform.

Controlled Counterparty Risk: There is no counterparty risk on the CanWork platform, as there is a smart contract into which payments are pre-charged upfront. All parties including providers and clients are fully protected by this smart contract. Disputes are managed by a community run DAO on CanWork platform.

Improved Transaction Throughput: Performing international transactions takes shorter time to complete on CanWork since payment can be done internationally with less transaction fees using cryptocurrencies.

Usability and Availability: CanWork can be used for freelancing by a wide range of people across the globe due to the borderless nature of using cryptocurrency as a payment method on the platform.


Getting Started on CanWork

You can be a user of CanWork by registering either as a service provider or as a client. Either way, you will have to access the CanWork platform on any of your browsers using this link.


Getting Started As a Provider

1. Open the link and Click Join/Sign In


2. Sign in with Google, Facebook or with Dock.


3. Click Provider to signup as a service provider.


4. Set up your profile as a provider and don't forget to input your ETH address while doing that. Also, make sure not to fill in an exchange address. I recommend you use trust wallet or Metamask.


5. Complete your profile and bio including with what you do and your experience, as this will give you an edge over other providers.


6. Click Submit.


Getting Started As a Client

1. Open the link and Click Join/Sign In.


2. Sign in with Google, Facebook or with Dock.


3. Click Client to signup as a client on CanWork.


4. Set up your profile as a client and don't forget to input your ETH address while doing that. Also, make sure not to fill in an exchange address. I recommend you use trust wallet or Metamask.


5. Complete your profile and bio. Read and accept the CanWork terms.


6. Click Proceed.



How CanWork Works

1. Clients post a request to a job to attract quality provider, or check through CanWork database to choose from the hand picked quality provider that has been vetted and approved by CanWork.

2. Clients and providers reach a common ground on their terms. Immediately there is an agreement between the two parties, payment is made into the CanYa escrow by the client to keep the payment safe from price volatility.

3. Once the job is completed by the provider and submitted to the client, the client make a confirmation by marking the job as completed so that payment can be released to the provider. Clients should endeavor to leave a review concerning the service.



The Basic Components/Features of CanWork

Service Providers: Service providers are the freelancers who are registered and approved on the CanWork platform to have the necessary skills needed to take jobs from clients and get paid for it.

Clients: They are the ones interested in hiring digital freelancers, otherwise known as service providers on CanWork. They give jobs to service providers and pay them for it.

Can Invoice: This is a component of the CanWork platform that allows CanWork users to create their own clean, professional and accurate invoices with ease.

Can Track: Can Track helps you to efficiently track task while running your project and it is quite easy to use.

Can Station: With Can Station, you can easily find out the ideal amount of gas needed to allocate and successfully carry out your ETH transactions.

Can Send: This particular component saves you time as it enables you to send ERC20 tokens to more than one address at once.

Can Share: Keep your personal data safe by using Can share to securely send and receive files using distributed technology


The Positive & Negative Attributes of CanWork

The Positive Attributes 

  •  It is completely free to join CanWork.
  • Freelancers get to make more money on jobs provided since they pay only 1% fee on payment remittance.
  • CanWork takes no fees on jobs.
  • CanWork is available and usable to a wider range of people globally due to the borderless nature of cryptocurrency payment.
  • Only quality providers are available on CanWork since all their providers are hand picked and vetted for their skills.
  • Users personal data are safe since the platform is decentralized.
  • Transactions are processed quickly with little or no fee.
  • Everyone is given equal opportunity to be a part of the gig economy at large.
  • All parties are protected since payment are pre-charged upfront into a smart contract.
  • Clients get cheaper rate since the problem of high fee is solved.
  • You dont have to worry about middlemen or third parties profiting from you.


The Negative Attributes

  • There is low traffic on the platform, and as such, the number of available jobs are very low compared to some of the existing freelance platforms.


CanWorks' CanYaCoin (CAN)

CanYaCoin, otherwise known as CAN is the native token which controls the payment system of the CanWork platform and it operates on top of the Ethereum platform. CanYaCoin is responsible for facilitating and helping to make sure that the escrow service (which serves as a bridge between a wide range of cryptocurrencies) is trustless and fully decentralized.



Mr Charles is a passionate freelancer who has been leveraging the freelance sector for a while. He joined the freelance industry because he needed freedom and at the same time make some cool cash while being independent. He was enjoying his freelance experience, but get furious whenever he receives payment for job completed and end up getting a lesser amount from what he should get. He knows there is nothing he can do about this. He has to pay some certain fees on the freelance platform he leverages.

On a faithful day, Charles was lucky to bump into CanWork while surfing the net. CanWork is a unique  decentralized and blockchain-based platform with comprehensive solution to existing freelance problems to create an enabling environment where service providers and clients can work together efficiently and achieve their goals.

He saw all the unique features they have in place and decided to sign up and give it a try. With CanWork, he was able to take home most of his hard earned money since he was only be paying a 1% payment fee as remittance instead of the usual 30% transaction fee he pays on the existing freelance platform. Also, no middlemen or third party was taking from his profit.

After trying for few weeks, he confirmed that it is exactly what they said it is, and he has not been using any other freelance platform apart from CanWork since then.

Evaluation/Rating of CanWork

Even though there is low traffic on the CanWork platform, CanWork is sure a promising project that has all it takes to take over the freelance industry in the nearest future. Its decentralization and little or no fees feature is really a selling point.

I have given my own personal evaluation of CanWork based on different parameters as shown in the image below, and as such will be giving CanWork an overall rating of 4.6/5 after conducting a rigorous assessment of those parameters one after the other.


This graph is my own original work



CanWork as a freelance platform has enormous potential and lots to offer freelancers in the gig economy in general. The fact that CanWork is a freelance marketplace that is decentralized and offer users low transaction fees is a great improvement to the sector. The built-in components and smart contract on the CanWork platform is a spot on for any professional freelancers that is looking for a freelance platform that is highly efficient, capable, decentralized and secured. The only issue is with the low traffic on the platform, but with the dedicated team behind the CanWork platform, I hope a drastic action will be taken to help drive traffic to the CanWork platform, and help grow the platform to be best freelance platform globally.



All Images unless otherwise stated are taken from the resources of CanWork. The graph is my own original work.

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