Privacy: Send and Trade XMR almost completely private

Privacy: Send and Trade XMR almost completely private

By favicon | fav | 26 Feb 2020

Great news for privacy friends!

IncognitoChain added pBTC <> pXMR to their zero knowledge protocol and DEX.


Means you can now, for example, deposit Bitcoin (not private) which is converted to pBTC (fully private). Then you could move your pBTC to the DEX (fully confidential), and exchange your pBTC for pXMR, again fully confidential. When you're done, you could then withdraw pXMR to the Monero chain (fully confidential).

So except for your first Bitcoin transaction, no one can know what you did.

I think this is a great addition, and the fees are low and the chain is fast.

What's missing?

  • Desktop App
  • Native TOR connectivity
  • Add STEEM :)

Other than that, this is the way!

As always, DYOR!

Originally published on my Steem Blog

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