MCDEX Liquidity Mining starting soon 🌾

MCDEX Liquidity Mining starting soon 🌾

By favicon | fav | 7 Jul 2020

MCDEX liquidity mining is about to start in less than 24 hours - read more

If you want to join, there's a guide with a detailed instruction.


I know, it's needlessly complicated, and I have asked them whether there will be an easy 1-click solution. It's in development 👨‍🌾

Click Here to sign-up under me, really appreciate it!

One Word

One thing I found very confusing at first was the log-in process, let me explain it in detail.

  • Go to MCDEX
  • Click Start Trading


  • Top right corner click Connect Wallet


  • Click Sign in the MetaMask dialogue window

If there is no dialogue window popping up, click on the MetaMask extension symbol, it's there. (happened to me)


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