ETH to DGD to ETH arbitrage

By favicon | fav | 29 Feb 2020

As usual, do you own research!

DigixDAO is closing shop, which means in March holders will be able to burn DGD at rate 1 DGD = 0.193 ETH.

Let's have a look at current rates


0.193 ETH = 1.021398451 DGD


Binance gives you at current rates 2.1% surplus for buying now and burning in March.


Uniswap is the absolute champion at the moment, gifting you with a 4.2% surplus for buying now and burning in March.

This is certainly one of the best interest payers for the moment, at least if you do not plan to sell your ETH in the near future.

Do you take advantage of arbitrage trading? What's you go-to plan?

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