Rollercoin: An entertaining faucet

Rollercoin: An entertaining faucet

By MonsterOfTheEmacs | FaucetStrategies | 26 Mar 2021

Recently, I found this niche online game called, which claims to pay crypto for games played. It has apparently been going for about 4 years now, and there weren't any signs of it being a scam, so I decided to try it out.

When I first created my account, I noticed that there weren't any ads on the side of the main page, which is pretty nice. On other faucets, there are ads everywhere. This is pretty great, so that when you just want to see if anything is new, you aren't flooded with pop-ups trying to sell you things. The game is virtual mining, where you either buy miners or play games to increase your hash-rate. Then, you allocate your hash-rate to (at the time of writing) Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Rollertoken(the in game currency, which I'll explain later). A nice tip for you: to get the most of the block reward, allocate your power towards the groups with the lowest hashing power, so that you get a larger percentage of the block reward.

The games are old-fashioned 8-bit games, and they are honestly pretty fun. This is how they make money, along with people buying Rollertoken. There are ads next to the games, but they really aren't that distracting, so that's nice of them. The more games you play, the more hashing power you get. Now, some people complained that their hash-rate went down after a few days. This is because the hash-rate gained by the games is TEMPORARY. If you play enough games, your computer will upgrade, and the power will last for 7 days, but for the baseline computer, power will only last for 24 hours, then disappear. Then, the way to make the most of your games is to play till you get the best computer, and make sure that you don't lose it.

Rollertoken was added as an in-game cryptocurrency, which you cannot withdraw to real money, which could seem counterintuitive for a faucet, but hear me out. In the shop, you can buy miners which keep their power infinitely(if you recharge them every five days by visiting the site). I did a few calculations, and the miners that you can buy with Rollertoken are way more bang for your buck than the ones you can buy with Satoshis(the smallest unit of Bitcoin.) In fact, the best miner that you can buy with Satoshi barely matches up with the lower end miners you can buy with Rollertoken. So my advice is to put 40% of your power into Rollertoken, and the rest of your power into whatever else you want to get(you do need Bitcoin to buy racks to hold the miners, but those are very cheap.) 

It will take a very long time to get enough cryptocurrency to get a miner, but if you use other cryptofaucets(I found has really low minimum withdrawals, and pays very high for surveys), you can easily get enough to buy a miner as an investment. I would recommend that you wait until a sale before buying a miner, as the sales are usually very good(Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's day, etc.) 

Overall, this site is very fun, and the games are kind of addicting. It might not pay as much the huge companies at first, but if you use other sites to get a start, you can buy a miner, and start raking in the crypto, and play games when you have free time. 

 Hopefully, you could understand me. It's a bit complicated, but once you visit the site(please use my link to join Rollercoin, it helps a lot, and you get a 1000 Satoshi head start.), it's a pretty fun and easy way to get crypto.

edit: The word is that you now get 2$ in RLT if you use my referral link, which would have REALLY helped me.

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