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This Faucet is on Fire! - FireFaucet Review

By Zirbo | Faucets Faucets Faucets | 24 Nov 2020

FireFaucet is one of the best faucets out there! It pays good, it's easy to use, there are plenty of bonuses, and best of all the whole website is in dark mode (seriously, too many sites are way too bright!).


How do you earn with Fire Faucet?

The main ways to earn are through shortlinks and PTC (pay to click) ads. You can also do offerwalls with things such as surveys, but of course those take more time and effort to finish. For every action you complete, you will ACP or Auto Claim Points, that you can then use in the autofaucet to claim your favourite coins!

The shortlinks page:


And the PTC page:


You can also claim a faucet every 30 minutes that gives you a random amount of ACP, and there is also a daily bonus! To get the daily bonus you can click on the present icon when it becomes available (it will show you when you can claim it again), to claim the faucet just scroll down on the main page until you see the button.


For every action on the site that you perform, you will also earn Activity Points, which is just a fancy way of saying experience or xp. These points will level you up over time, and you have to manually claim each level up, so dont' forget to check this from time to time. You can see your progress towards the next level at the top of the main page.


Click on the Collect Rewards button to claim your next level. You will earn a permanent bonus that will increase your claim amount, and you will also get a small Bitcoin bonus.


Not only do you earn experience for your actions, but if you scroll all the way down, you will see the tasks button. You can earn additional ACP for all the tasks that you perform!


Which coins are available on FireFaucet?

FireFaucet does not have as many currencies available as other faucets. At the moment you can claim 8 different cryptos!


How do you withdraw from FireFaucet?

Select your favourite cryptos and click on the Start Auto Faucet button. You will be taken to the autofaucet page, from there you can watch your progress.


On the bottom you can see the payout boost. The payout boost is just a faster way to use your ACP. It doesn't cost you anything extra and you can boost your payouts to a maximum of 4x. When you first start on FireFaucet, this will be set to 1x. Don't forget to change this or it can take forever to use up all your ACP.


By going to your wallets you can see exaclty how much you have earned.


Click on the withdraw button to check if you meet the minimum payout requirements.


You can choose between FaucetPay (a microwallet, that collects your earnings from different faucet websites) or your own wallet.

If you're going to withdraw straight to your own wallet, you have to add your wallet adresses first.


And that's it, those are the basics of FireFaucet!

If you're interested in trying out FireFaucet, you can click here!


Thanks for reading and I hope this article has been informative!


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