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Blogging about crypto tools and nodes as well as free ways to earn crypto.

How to start mining Vertcoin

27 May 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

Well since a lot of my mining posts have gotten a lot of views and seem to be liked by the readers i've decided to make this post on how to get started mining. Not only will this post include places where you can exchange or hold your Vertcoin but wi...

UnMineable - You way to mine and earn unmineable coins! Help to setup!

26 May 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Cal_tv93

Well the title of this post kinda speaks for it self. This is a mining system that take use of your GPU or CPU to mine coins that is much better to mine on  your PC where some coins like doge is not good to mine on your PC and ASIC mining coins. Now...

All sort of free faucets to earn free crypto - all tested and withdrawn from

22 May 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

So i wasn't sure what i was going to write about, then it hit me, why not give people the option to earn some free crypto from all the sites that i know? Well i will write a bit about each website or collection of sites if a lot of sites are owned by...

Aircoins - Augmented Reality Crypto hunt

21 May 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

So i'm sure i've somewhere have already written a post about Aircoins, but with time it becomes outdated and i honestly wanted to remake the post a bit too so it explained a lot more and more detailed about the project so a lot more people have an un...

Update on earning free Gridcoin with BOINC and how to earn more!

16 May 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

So not long ago i made a post on how to earn free Gridcoin and this is just an update on how its been going so far with doing about 2 to 4 hours folding at home with BOINC and grcpool. Will also explain a bit on when you will get rewarded from the po...

Gridcoin and how to get it for free!

14 May 2021 2 minute read 4 comments Cal_tv93

So i as late found this coin doing a search and found it very interesting that its a proof of stake coin, but the wallet are build in with BOINC system ( still have to download manager) so you can fold at home for research using a pool system, and i...

Welcome to Torum - Social network for crypto enthusiasts

30 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

Well the title speaks for it self. Today we will be looking into Torum which is a newer social network for crypto enthusiasts which looks like a mix of facebook and twitter into one. Torum got its own token/coin which still are in its IEO faze which...

Casingam.com differens promotions - Casino bonuses

27 Apr 2021 17 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

Thought i would write a post on the different promotions and such that we list with https://casingam.com to give everyone and option to choose what kind of promotions they want. Remember we support charity and you can read more about that here: https...

casingam.com to support charity

22 Apr 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Cal_tv93

So after a lot of tought i've decided that 75% of my new projects earnings will go to a random charity every month so if the project was to make lets say $100,000 a month $75,000 of it will be given to a random charity in a random country or shared o...

Stake - The crypto casino and sport betting that allow VPN

10 Apr 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Cal_tv93

So i have lately been looking into online casino's and casino slots and even started watching youtubers that gamble high to learn a lot more. Honestly never tought about using an online casino before this year after following these different youtuber...