Update on earning free Gridcoin with BOINC and how to earn more!

Update on earning free Gridcoin with BOINC and how to earn more!

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 16 May 2021

So not long ago i made a post on how to earn free Gridcoin and this is just an update on how its been going so far with doing about 2 to 4 hours folding at home with BOINC and grcpool. Will also explain a bit on when you will get rewarded from the pool, since there isn't really any information about this on the site.

You can see my post here: https://www.publish0x.com/fauceteer/gridcoin-and-how-to-get-it-for-free-xrydnzn


Since the first post with using BOINC a few hours a day i've made almost 5 Gridcoin and surely would have been a lot more if i had it running 24/7. This is now waiting for when they do their payouts to all users who have made earnings on the site and linked their Gridcoin address to their account on the site.

Now when do you get rewarded from your work with BOINC ? Well simply every time the pool had a stake it will share it between users on the site depending on how much you have done as a host for the pool and the projects you are folding for. The higher Magnitude the more earnings you make. The Est i have found wasn't really close to what i've earned per day since first reward was 0.5 when it said 0.2 a day, so it will somewhat be a little more then it says.

Now you can max this out by having old laptops and phones work with BOINC and 24/7 so the more you have of those the more earnings you can have, so it can pay to keep old phones and laptops for this kind of things or even desktops and have your Gridcoin wallet on your main device.

Only you can set the limits of how much you do of work. i wouldn't recommend to go buy new devices just to mine unless its used to a very very cheap price and is in the end an investment.

Either way everything you get paid out to your Grid wallet will also be up for wallet staking as long its up and running so you will earn more Grid that way too!

Hope you liked my update

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