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By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 10 Apr 2021

So i have lately been looking into online casino's and casino slots and even started watching youtubers that gamble high to learn a lot more. Honestly never tought about using an online casino before this year after following these different youtubers. Now as late they have been promoting Stake a lot more then other casino's that they have been using and i really do see why. 

Firstly Stake Allow you to use VPN when you enter the website so you can play any of the games on the site or if your country is blocked by the license like USA is on stake. But i've learned a lot with the use of VPN the past few days on Stake and i found out that Canada is one of the countrys you can use a VPN in to enter the site and see and play all the games and heard a few talk about Germany as well working tho i havn't tested that as yet.

If you want to find a lot more casinos and with deposit bonus then you can check my website:



Stake give you about 8 different crypto you can deposit and play with and later withdraw if you win enough that you want to withdraw your winnings from Stake and these crypto coins are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron and EOS and should be added after 1 confirmation when you deposit.

There is no limits of how much you can deposit or withdraw everyday and there is no KYC needed either and if using VPN well you can hide your IP and where you really are from too.

If you do not have any crypto on hand they do also have moonpay so you can buy the crypto they support with your card directly on site and is deposited to your stake account when approved which wont take very long either.


Games and Sports Betting

Stake have all the big providers and are up to date with adding all the new and most played so there is something for everyone as well as sports betting on every kind of sport as well as official partner of UFC. They do also have sports betting on games like counter strike and League of legends, so as i said earlier there is something fun for everyone.

When it comes to casino games you can find slots, live casino, stakes own games and so much more and everything is very easy to find.


Level and wagering

The more you play on the site the higher VIP level you get and more bonuses and you unlock rakeback and so much more the more you wager on the site. Its easy to wager. I deposited $50 in this month  and when i was done i had wagered above $1000 just with those $50 alone. 



Stake Hold promotions all the time where you can win money and much more on the website, but i would say its more for higher wagering and people who play a lot on the site. eg this current promotion the top user to win $250k have wagered around 40 million.



With the chat you can talk with other stake users, rain or get rain or gifts or get gifts and so much more. You have the possibility to get some gambling friends to talk with and so much more and of cause there is other language channels like spanish and french and others. 


Stop when the fun stops

Please do not start gambling if you can't stop when you need to stop, gambling can be addictive and you are not guaranteed to win since gambling is a chance. NEVER play for more then you can afford to lose and is a good idea to set a limit on how much you will play for each month and keep to that to avoid just depositing everything and lose everything. SO PLEASE be carefull and do not chase your losses.



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