So i started something i didn't expect to start...

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 11 Aug 2019

Well let me first explain, it all started as a joke when I was looking through google for an affiliate program and I stumbled over this affiliate program that let you earn 20% revenue  and $50 for every broadcaster that signed up and made $20 and they would even host a full-blown affiliate site for you with your logo and domain just by pointing your domain to the subdomain you gained.

Now you might think what kind of affiliate program is this that have broadcasters? Well, it's a live cam site where girls, men, trans and gays live stream themselves and do things for money. Well, it all started with I was talking with my friend and said that I think it would be easy to run a site with naked people in it because porn basically sells right? Well at least that what I heard so many times and see when you see ads with hot girls on them or in them especially when its something that is gonna be aimed for men.

I first wanted to try just drive normal link affiliate and generate some sales for the site until I saw the affiliate site stuff and I thought to my self, it would be easier to do the marketing and branding and drive traffic that way with keywords and link building since that what I'm good at as a business person.

For some reason weird reason, I'm actually enjoying working with this and you might think it because of all the naked girls or men, not sure what you think but no its more the learning curve and get to know the people so you can market their "product" the right way. Yes, I actually talk with the streamers of this platform because of a good "owner" research what his "workers" like no matter what the business is.

I really do not mind what people think when I tell them I actually own one of these sites because they can think whatever they want to think because I know I could possibly earn way more then they are on their 8 to 5 daily jobs.

Even tho I could get paid out to my bank account I choose to get paid in bitcoin because the platform does allow users to buy site credit with crypto and all the so if people wanted to they could buy one million site tokens with crypto compared to pre-made packages that can be bought with credit card or other fiat ways are very limited where crypto you just write in the number you would like and deposit the amount needed to get them.

Now you might wonder why the hell I tell you all of this, honestly because I want to teach you what you need to do what you enjoy not what you think is right. I mean I'm not telling you to start selling drugs because you find it fun and you enjoy it, it is illegal I was more telling you to start a project that is LEGAL and you enjoy to do every day and makes you jump out of your bed. 

A wise man said "If you love what you do you won't have to work a day in your life" 

I will not be posting the site here because of reasons that I won't have to explain


If you can figure this out your self to scamble the domain


Club cam Chatter

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